29 May 2008

So...I got to Karen's house just as she was putting the finishing touches on shining up her red Corvette for our drive to the townhouse model. Yes, it was a thrill to be in that car. We met Bonnie in her red Mini Cooper. The construction workers must have thought we were all that! The house is wonderful! Everything about it is nice and I can't wait to see how Karen meshes her collections in the house's many crooks and crannies. After touring the house, we walked to a nearby restaurant for an outdoor lunch. It was another brilliantly beautiful day. We ordered three dishes and split them. I'd go back tomorrow if I could, that's how great the food was. I think we each had a different favorite. We parted ways with Bonnie, then Karen and I took the back roads home. I trusted her with going fast on the curves, although Karen? I did close my eyes at times. I got home right before Emily, which I like to do, then went to the pool. Karen lent me the serial, The Green Mile, and I read the first book while I was there. It was so hot, but the water was too cold. Still, it was good to just relax and read. We had leftover pizza for dinner on the deck, then I was off for my walk, then my bike ride. Whew. I just came in from sitting on the front porch. The momma robin was complaining the whole time, but I ignored her. Finally she flew to her nest to feed her very large birds. After she left, one fell out! It walked over and into my garden area. I didn't know what to do, so I went inside so the momma could come back. I just looked out, and don't see the baby anywhere. I guess this is what happens. I was thinking they'd be out of the nest any day now. I'm amazed that 4 big birds even fit in it. They really don't...that's why the one fell out. I just hope I don't find a dead bird in my garden tomorrow.


Brad said...

Karen's a speed devil eh ? I'll have to give her a good teasing.

If Momma bird not around and you can find the baby use two folded pieces of news paper and scoop it on to one with the other and place it back in the nest. If you don't touch it the baby maybe ok and momma will not reject it.

Glad you had a good day and good weather. Summers still trying to start here. One day will be 70+ then the next 50-60 - it's getting very old. Be well friend!

SOUL said...

hmmm.. i hope you don't find a dead bird too.

your day sounds fun.. fast cars, friends , and food-- sun, and a book, and more food-- holy moly--who could ask for more? well, maybe a little fishin? :))

hope you have a good night..
mines just about over-- i'm beat to death ovah heah-

Mary said...

It would be sad to find that the little bird didn't survive. Maybe mamma bird will feed it.

Your day sounds so exciting. I know Karen's new house will be beyond beautiful.

marykay said...

Sounds like a fun time, I miss days off during the week. You know my 3 little birds, there is a reason nest should be high, only one of mine made it. Pool sounds great and reading even better. Have a beautiful weekend.

Portia said...

What a day! Topped off by a walk AND a bike ride? You have endless energy, I love reading about it all. The thought of that yummy food makes me want to raise the bar a bit for my lunch today. We'll see. I hope your little family of birds fares alright too:)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

see I can't picture Karen being a speed demon..but that's awesome!! :) I'm glad you ladies had a nice time out!

Strange about the bird but you were wise to not rescue it or mommabird would reject it...
between your discovery and Soul's...I'm staying away from nature anything like that would break me and it's bad enough that the wellbutrin just doesn't seem to be working. :)

Have a great friday! I love it when they arrive this fast, don't you?


fiwa said...

What a great day! Friends, good food, a good book, the pool. How could you top that, really?

I think the bird will probably be ok. Mama will either get it back to the nest or encourage it to fly.

Hope today is just as nice.

Happyone said...

So you really did close your eyes at times!!
Seems like we both had busy evenings too. :-)
It was a great day!
Thanks for making it special!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! Fast cars, good friends, oh yeah!

I hope that baby bird is ok.

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