17 May 2008

"What a single girl does on a Saturday night out"

I'll warn you....this is pretty much a run-on sentence kind of post. Just so you know...Work was hard because I was so busy and I was tired and I'd worked so hard all week and I'm still so sore from Thursday's gardening. Before I left for work I counted on my fingers how many hours till I could have coffee. 8. So, I worked hard and it was a good day and eventually it was quitting time and Border's time. While waiting to order my drink, I watched the same 'new' guy I saw there last week who's obviously retraining the staff. He was explaining to one of the 'workers' that after wiping down the back counter with a wet cloth, it should be followed up with a dry cloth so as not to leave the stainless surface spotty. Boy was I impressed. He was ON. I love efficiency. I love a place that is neat and clean and impressive to a client. I'd love to be that person in my salon, but...it wouldn't work. Anyway, I've read that Border's is struggling. Not necessarily my Borders, but the chain in general. Too much competition from the big box retailers like Sam's, Costco and BJ's, along with Amazon. Stores are going to have to go out of their way to make people want to come in and stay and buy. That's what I think this 'new' guy at Border's was about...making the Seattle's Best Cafe the best. Now if only they had free wi-fi... but I digress. That spiel just happened on it's own. I stopped by my library on the way home to drop off the food that's been in my car that my postal worker didn't pick up on Stamp Out Hunger Day. The library has a bin for a nearby shelter, Sarah's House. I passed Emily and her friend in the community and stopped by the curb to bring them home. We hung out for a while until I drove them to the mall. It's the thing to do, and I don't love the idea, but know it's normal. I really like the friends Emily has, so I feel OK about it. They were going to the movies, and I said I'd pick up. So, I went to Walmart. I wanted to see if they had my mulch, but they didn't and I got a basil plant. Then they closed the garden center so I had to go though the store and when that happens, I shop. $25 later, I was out of there. I couldn't believe as I was leaving how many people were coming and going. I was tempted to hang out by a post and just people watch, but I moved on. Em would have been mortified had she been with me. Next up was dinner at Baja Fresh. I love, love, love that place. Is there one by you? I brought the new People magazine in, and read as I ate. It's a vibrant place, and I felt comfortable to be there alone. Especially with a magazine. I thought of going into Starbucks next, but there was a creepy guy inside that was in Baja, so I skipped it. I walked by Panera's and saw that the one and only table with an outlet was taken by a family, and I knew I didn't have much battery. I went to Pier 1, then drove my car close to Panera's. I checked and saw the outlet family leaving, and in I went. And here I am. A single girl alone, but not alone, on a Saturday night out.


CJM-R said...

We don't have a Baja Fresh around here. I don't think I have heard of them before this. Will have to Google it.

I remember dropping of my son and friends at the mall. It was the big thing to do on the weekend.

Sounds like you had a long busy week! Take care.

marykay said...

Sounds like a fun night. I have never heard of Baja Fresh. You get more done in one afternoon than I think I do in the entire weekend. I love people watching.Have a Great Weekend!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I think there's a Baja fresh in the suburb where I used to work, but I never tried it.

I hadn't heard that Borders was struggling. I hope the one by us stays open. We live in a remote suburb, and it was a big deal when Borders opened up 20 minutes from us. For the previous 8 years, we hadn't had a decent bookstore.

Kelly Jene said...

Sounds like a pleasant time all together. I sure hope my Borders is doing ok and stays around.. we love it there.

Enjoy your night!

C.A. said...

We don't have a Baja Fresh OR a Borders here. :( Barnes and Noble is the closest thing. We do have Panera, though! You are like a 2008 version of Mary Tyler Moore on a Saturday night, Cheryl. If I lived near, we could do a girls night out. How do you handle being alone? Most of the time, I HATE IT. Little Girl is in the socializing time of her life and good ole Mom gets left in the dust. I know you know exactly what I mean!

Thanks so much for asking about how I'm feeling. That means alot to me. My own sisters don't ask. Right now it's status quo. This last month before the cruise I am focusing on getting a little more stamina, exercising more, etc. so I don't poop out right in the middle of something fun!

Hope your Sunday is sunny!




you are absolutely right, Baja is a great quick fix and yummy too!
Walmart is always packed, and parking is always oodles away and aisles are absolutely tiny and narrow..but I've never ever been able to walk in there and out for less then 50$ you did good at 25$.
Your night sounded relaxing and fun and just what you needed to decompress after a busy week!

Have another good day today, Cheryl!!

happyone said...

All in all it sounds like a pretty nice evening out.
btw - I could pick you up one day soon and bring you to see the townhouse model. Ever hear of LeeLyns? It a block or so away and we could have lunch there.

simonsays said...

I don't even have the time to read right now, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all your kind words of encouragement. I hope your day today is relaxing and wonderful. Thanks Cheryl, I feel lucky to count you as my friend. :)

Golden To Silver Val said...

You may be alone and single but you're a CONFIDENT woman who enjoys her life and it shows in everything you do. I just wish I had half your energy!!! You are terrific!

fiwa said...

Man, Val said it perfectly. So ditto what Val said!

I have never tried Baja Fresh, but we do have them around here. I'll give it a go.

PS - I LOVE all your garden creatures, especially the last one. I have an iron frog playing a sax that I call the "lucky" frog. All I have to do is move him near a plant that is doing poorly, and suddenly it will perk up and grow by leaps and bounds. It's weird!

Hope you enjoyed your sunday.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Just wanted to pop back in and thank you for the book recommendation you made on my blog. I hope you have a pleasant rest of your Sunday too.

abbagirl74 said...

Sounds like my kind of day! Glad to see you having so much fun.

Joyce said...

Cheryl you are one who knows how to fill her time with fun things to look at and do.It's not the norm ,you are one smart lady.keep on blogging

SOUL: said...

i want a baja fresh.. and about half of your confidence of being and doing things "out in the world--amongst "people" alone". ya know? i "hate" people"..and feel watched all the time. know what i mean? weird i know ... but i am gettin better-- as you know.
i still don't go places like you do alone.
maybe that's why i fish.
my sis has mentioned baja fresh-- we don't have one either-- but ilike chipotle-- apparentle similar-- but i get mine to go-- :))
and as for paneras-- never been there either---and wouldn't go alone if it was free-- unless it was to go :))

i absolutely love your freedom, confidence, and independence. and a lot more--that i just cant think abotu at three something in the morning. (well, 4 something now.

anyhow-- hope you have a great day.

susan said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. I love the comment about it being a Mary Tyler Moore type of evening.

I just went into a Baja Fresh for the first time a couple weeks ago...yummy!

Border's is in trouble? NOOOOO! Ours always seems packed and there's also a couple B&N around that are packed as well.

Then again, when I was visiting my folks I was looking for a bookstore...any bookstore and couldn't find one. It was really odd to me.


Happy Monday Cheryl! I hope you're enjoying some time..and are you eating Chinese with mom today? :)


bonnie said...

Baja Fresh has fabulous fish tacos but I can't eat their food without being visited by digestive difficulties. It's like Fireworks Down Under. Love the flavors though. ... of Baja Fresh.

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