14 May 2008

PS...the dryer is working! I was so relieved when I started washing towels yesterday. I should do some research, because who knows when the washer and dryer will go out. How do you know what to buy?


Happyone said...

Glad your dryer is working.
Since I don't have a dryer I guess I won't be much help to you there. But if I did have to buy one I'd probably buy a Whirlpool because that's what my washing maching is and I like that.

I love your bathroom window too. I've never had a round window. :-)

Portia said...


Moohaa said...

Buy the pretty ones. I don't know! hehehe

I love that window... it's gorgeous. I'm so glad the basement is drying out. Hopefully it stays that way.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Hooray. I'm glad the dryer is ok.

When we had to buy new appliances, we just bought what the sales guy at Sears told us to. Pathetic, huh?

Summer said...

I saw the set at Sears...candy apple red...and you'll have to take out a 2nd trust to afford them. Ha!

Sarah said...

Glad to hear it! We actually have had our washer repaired since we've lived here twice. It's much cheaper than getting new ones. :)s

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