10 May 2008

Saturday! The day I wait for all week, and it's here. It's nasty outside...dark and raining and it's the second day like that in a row. It's time for work...I don't feel like I recovered from yesterday yet. It was a day of being behind and trying to catch up. One of my clients had enough hair for 2-3 people, and wanted a complicated new style that took me over an hour in a half-hour slot. There was nothing I could do but do it. It came out stunning, but was painful for me to do. The next client was easy...it all balances out. So, I'm off to do it again, but before I know it I'll be you know where doing you know what. Till later, adios.


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Here's to a great Saturday with easing going clients!!!

Happy Mothers day Cheryl!! Are you doing anything? Or does Em have some surprises up her sleeve?

I laughed out loud at my doc office yesterday while thinking of you because I was in there for...
treatment on panic attacks stemmed from my funky bathroom visits..we'ree working on treating both, but I laughed thinking of you and what you or how you would "put it" to the doctor, the issues that I explained to him.

Smiles and good days and again,
Happy Mothers day..You are a great mom!!!

fiwa said...

I hope it's an easy day Cheryl. I would have liked to see a picture of that long haircut yesterday.

I am so jealous of your porch companion - I can't even get the birds to nest in my bird houses, let alone up that close to my house! And I love your squirrel cage, that's pretty smart.

Take care of you -

Mary said...

Picturing you happy and relaxed having your favorite drink in your favorite place. Have a Happy Mother's Day.

Martha said...

The weather has been dreary here, too. Isn't it supposed to be Spring??

heiresschild said...

i had to be on the beltway friday morning, and it was horrendous (sp?). visibility was at zero. i stayed in the far right lane, the slow lane, all the way to my destination. the speed limit there was 40 miles per hour, and that was alright with me. only passed one accident, and it was truly a miracle there weren't more with the way some people were driving. and today is another rainy day, but perhaps gardens and farmland need the rain.

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