27 May 2008

The weekend is over, and although it felt longer than usual, it seemed like it should go on and on and be a vacation instead of just a few days. And the funny thing? It was only my regular weekend. I'm always off on Mondays.

A strange thing happened with Blogger. I couldn't sign on last night. I repeatedly got the same error message: your E-mail address and password do not match. Nothing changed on my part, but this morning I reset my password to a new one and it's working perfectly. Go figure. So, I'll do a little catching up here.

The cook-out was wonderful. The weather couldn't have been any better. Really. It was in the mid-70's with no humidity and a breeze. We ate on the deck, which has the afternoon shade. The food was wonderful, and everyone had a great time.

Yesterday was another brilliantly sunny day. I went to the pool with my mom for a while and met up with Kit and some other friends from my book club. I came home and went to my community pool for a while. It was a day of reading People magazine. Then the night went by too soon. I wanted to read on the deck, go for a walk and sit on the porch with my laptop. I wanted it to be 7:00 for hours. Alas, I did the deck and the porch (without the laptop=no blogger), and came in to put the day to rest.

I forgot to mention that my neighbor found a great handyman for us! He and his crew came on Saturday morning and cleaned my gutters. Yesterday they power washed the side of my house. Look at this image and picture me on that ladder. Not on your life! Finally that eyesore of algae or whatever it was is gone.

It's a cloudy and drizzly day. I've made lunches, done a few loads of wash, and need to clean my wood floors...least favorite job. Maybe I'll have time for the Wii before work. If I put this down now.

Have a great Tuesday!


Mary said...

The cookout looks and sounds perfect. Love pictures.

Yes, blogger has been a bit of a pain for me for almost a week, but I haven't yet lost my pass word. Computers are, in general, complicated machines.

I'm so glad you found a good handyman. One that isn't afraid of heights. Power washers are powerful and a wrong move could send the brave fellow flying to the ground.

Hope the mood of your week is a continuation of your weekend.

marykay said...

Looks like fun, food looks yummy! What a difference the powerwash made! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Andrew said...

You're my little ray of sunshine on a rainy day. You know that? Just got another Wired! magazine today. I am so enjoying them. Thank you! I want to send you a thank you card. I just thought it would be more personable. I need your address Cheryl.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

The desrts look sooo yummy

fiwa said...

That sounds like a great weekend. I'm so envious of your pool time.

And I'd like one each of the desserts, please!

happy tuesday to you too -

Jay said...

That's pretty much a perfect weekend. Great weather and a cookout! I could deal with that, no problem.

Happyone said...

I can see why you didn't want the weekend to end. What a great one you had.
You mentioned that is was drizzly by you. Strange, here by my house it's been sunny except for a couple of clouds in the morning.

I've been having trouble leaving comments. I have to hit the publish comment lots of times before it works.

Billy said...

What a lovely weekend! Everything looked perfect!

Lena said...

I had the same problem with Blogger last week and had to set a new password. It started with not being able to leave comments, then not being able to sign in at all.

Your weekend sounded wonderful!


Gin said...

Sounds like you had a great wkend! Your house looks amazingly different...that power washer does magic!! I couldn't imagine myself on that ladder either...I DO NOT do ladders!

SOUL said...

everything looks and sounds terrific !!

i need a handyman.. too bad it's a rental here-- never wanna do too much when ya never know how long you'll stay eh?

anyhow-- i just had the --eeee --- longest most drawn out, mainly, non productive day in quite some time. i tried tho-- but things just kept gettin in the way--

now i am exhausted .. to no extent.

i really should be in bed-- lest i strangulate in my laptop cord. i don't think i would be much fun if i strangled. do you

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

I think you have a great home and garden. Thanks for sharing it in photos. I guess mailed food samples are out of the question?

SOUL said...

ps-- i left you a novel-- i mean reply-- on my page-- i just don't remember which post-- a recent one tho. :))
happy humpday

Anonymous said...

I looks like you had the perfect weekend!

Yay for finding a handyman to do all those scarey jobs.

Rick Rockhill said...

ok cheryl, it's official. you are the coolest. love those photos, makes me feel comfy and at home with the gang

Portia said...

I'm glad you enjoyed throwing a BBQ, and it was so good of you to share the pictures:) You know everyone loves to see as well as read. Sounds like a great weekend. The handyman is good news too! Can't beat having a good handy person on call.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

your displays of the food look amazing!
I had to laugh at the first pic with Em at the "kiddie table" as I'm always at the kiddie table-----even now, whenever we're at my parents. :)

Looks like a great weekend!
I'm happy for you!

bonnie said...

Yea, that looks just like you up on that ladder :-)
I'd do it on a dare maybe.

Everybody does look so happy at your bbq.

Do you have boxing on your Wi? I hear it's really hard and a great workout.

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