17 August 2007

Home Sweet Home

We started our homeward trip a little after 9 AM. It was really fine for the first eight hours. We got stuck in traffic for the last two, and they were miserable hours. Thank goodness Emily fell asleep, cause she was really suffering. I think it was a combination of rush hour on Rt. 301 starting in La Plata, MD, for those of you who know the area, and maybe people on their way out of town. I don't know. It didn't let up till we got to Rt. 32. I was so done by then. The trip should have been about 8 hours without stopping. We stop.

When I entered my house I was surprised by how clean and neat it was. It looked empty. I had forgotten that I left it that way. On purpose. The next surprise was a kind of stinky smell. Like someone forgot to flush the toilet 2 weeks ago. I checked, and it wasn't that. I smelled the refrigerator, freezer, and garbage disposal. I lit a candle. A while later I went to put something in the pantry, and there it was. A bag of potatoes that I had on the floor had rotted, and a black liquid was semi-dried on my hardwood floor. What a mess. I wanted my mommy to clean it up. The liquid got in-between the cracks of the flooring. It got into the file box I keep my bills in. It got under the wood molding. I put on my rubber gloves and spent a long time cleaning. Not the homecoming I wanted. I just finished using white vinegar and a toothbrush. Double-bagging the used paper towels and file box did not conceal the smell. Putting it in the trash can in my garage did not contain it. I put the bag in a lawn bag and have it outside. My pantry still stinks. Any suggestions?

Thank you to everyone who read my blog with it's endless vacation tales. I had such a wonderful time and the memories will last me a long time.

Goodbye South Carolina


Summer said...

Welcome home. I know that rotten potato smell well. Ha! I don't want to bring up where you live, but I think there is an easier/faster way for you to get home. 301 is murder!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

welcome home!!

Pour a few cups of apple cider vinager into a hot hot filled kitchen sink, or cleaning bucket and stick the bucket in the pantry on the floor..
the smell of the vinegar will overcome the smell of the rotten remanents..
and then after a few hours, pop some popcorn for your squirrel friends in your microwave..
Welcome back safe and sound and rested!

fiwa said...

What Crusty said, only add a bunch of cinnamon to it. And try boiling some of that on the stove too. My microwave caught on fire a few years ago, and that combination is what finally got the smell out of my house. I don't think the cinnamon is just a "smell good" commponent to mask, I think like the vinegar it does something to get rid of the smell.

Poor you, what a nasty thing to come back to.

captain corky said...

Febreze? They don't pay my salary, I promise.

Welcome home. Too bad you had to go right back to work. ;)

Martha said...

If the apple cider vinegar doesn't work, you can buy some charcoal (the stuff for fish tank filters), put it in small bowls and leave the bowls wherever it's smelly. It absorbs the odor pretty well. Then dump the charcoal in a bag outside, because the odor does sort of cling to it.

Ilene said...

That's a great parting picture. When I look at it, it brings me right back to that moment sitting in our lounge chairs with the breeze blowing...

Cheryl said...

Great suggestions! Thank you all.

Billy said...

Welcome home girl! You were missed! Even though we could read about all of the adventures, I kind of missed your day to day. Glad you had a great trip. Welcome home.

jAMiE said...

Welcome home Cheryl, by now i'm sure you've solved your potato rot problem...or have you?

Chris King said...

I was looking at your pictures of the pelicans at Myrtle Beach. We went there a couple of years ago and were facinated by them. We took loads of photos and your blog brought back lots of memories!!

Happyone said...

Welcome back home. Sorry to hear about your smelly surprise. You sure got a lot of suggestions!
I came home from vacation one time to a dead mouse in a trap. That didn't smell to pleasant either.

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