18 August 2007

I wish I had Emily's camera handy to take a picture of my pantry floor. I just finished vacuuming up the baking soda I spread over it last night, and put down a new coat. The open box is also on the floor. Along with very hot vinegar sprinkled with a generous amount of cinnamon. I got a lot of great suggestions, and I might try all of them. The charcoal idea makes a lot of sense, along with Febreze. Funny, I was walking by the seafood section of a grocery store today and it smelled just like my pantry.

I got on the scale this morning. Brave, I know. I'm up about 3.5 pounds. That will make a difference in my 'real' clothes come Tuesday when I go back to work. It's a good thing I wear a smock-it will cover up the unbuttoned pants. I was very good about my eating today except for the ice cream I had after dinner. I contemplated throwing the container out, but... there's not much left. I went grocery shopping today and stocked up on all my healthy foods with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I'll get back into my routine in no time cause I'm a routine kind of girl. Come Wednesday, my vacation will feel like it happened a long time ago.

The laundry is almost done. One more light load to do. I've washed all of Emily's new clothes. I always wash new clothes before wearing them. How about you? Emily had a budget for school clothes shopping, and she met it on our vacation. Lots and lots of new clothes. Tomorrow we'll buy shoes and then we'll be done.

I spent a few hours with my sister Lisa today. She had a very big surgery this week. I'll write about that soon. I stopped off to visit Kit on my way home. Tomorrow I'll visit my parents and my sister. And take Emily shoe shopping. And take her to get her ears pierced. Another busy day. Like I said, it's back to my regular life.


Summer said...

How are things smelling tonight? And how is your sister?

Billy said...

I missed your regular life. Yeah! You're home! As for the tight fitting clothes, the smock can work wonders! Hope Emily is ready for school. I loved back to school shopping. My favorite thing to do was buying school supplies.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Glad you're home safe and sound. vacations are a time to gian a few pounds... it will be back off before you know - once you get back to your old routine.
glad to hear you had such a nice relaxing vacation.

thanks for sharing all the details as well. :))

jAMiE said...

I never wash new clothes before wearing them...i do iron them though...however my mother is like you, she prefers all new things be washed prior to wearing....does that apply to things like glasses..coffee cups, dishes of any sort?

SpringMist said...

Don't worry about the extra pounds. It will disappear in no time :)
I never wash new clothes before wearing!! Just bought a black t-shirt n I am not going to wash it before wearing it on Tuesday.
Well if u have seafood for dinner, u wont notice the pantry smell so much:)
Hope ur sister is doing okay!!

Amanda said...

I wash new clothes before wearing too. It'd feel too icky otherwise. If your weight is up it means it was a great vacation. :)

Ilene said...

I know Em had her ears pierced once before. Did the holes close up? Do they make new holes in the same spot?

Happyone said...

I always wash new clothes too. I don't like the way they smell.
My hair doesn't look different because it was just a little trim.
When I get a "real haircut" I'll make an appointment with you. :-)

JOY said...

Glad you and Emily had a good relaxing time.I missed seeing you at work.:-)

Andrew said...

I am just thrilled you are home okay and that the vacation went well. That must have been a long drive and I thought about you. Thanks for sharing those times with us. I felt as if I was on the beach or in the salt marshes from your words and pictures. Take care gentle friend and I hope you are well tonight.


Anonymous said...

I got my second hole today, the first ones are still there :]!

garynewtown said...

Just left a comment on Jamies blog, she is a lovely woman, and spotted your comment.
Go on then, put an ignorant Scotsman out of his misery, what on earth is "Ziti"???? lol

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

My prayers for your sister Lisa..
I can actually smell that pantry smell clear through my pc..wow..what a mess you had to deal with!! :)

I wash new clothes, old clothes, clothes that have already been washed..you might say I'm a bit obsessive with smells but I love the smell of clean and if it doesn't smell clean, I'll wash it until it does. :)

captain corky said...

I need to go shopping and get back to eating healthy too. I've been telling myself that crap for 10 years. Sigh.

jAMiE said...

TAG you're it!

Portia said...

and i'm always trying to keep that stuff off my hardwood floors...who knew! another great things about the blogs- you can always get at least few good answers to most questions.

glad you guys are home safe + sound! i take it since you have seen your sister, she must be doing alright. i'll keep her in my thoughts as she recovers.

not being a big shopper, i am usually too impatient to wash my clothes before wearing them, although my mother always told me to. i do, however, wash the babies clothes before they wear them. sensitive skin, you know:)

i hope your first day back is a good one!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm also a "routine girl" myslef. We rock!

Best wishes that your sister has a quick and successful surgery! I know how stressful it is to have family in surgery.

It's ok to gain weight, the worst thing you can do is just give up and stop caring about what you put into your body. I also wash new clothes because they use a lot of chemicals as conditioners and whatnot to keep it in that brand-new" look and they can be hard on skin, esp. sensitive skin like mine.

Take Care

Millie Sanders said...

I am like you with routines, Cheryl. Breaks are great but I function best in the everyday routine. Getting back into the routine can sometimes be a little rough though. :-)
I prefer to wash new clothes before wearing them, but ever since college I don't have a washer and dryer in the apt and thus often wear before washing.

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