30 August 2007

It's been a very hot summery day and I've spent a lot of it running around. I started at Starbucks in the grocery store. I get the same thing there that I get at Border's. Since a lot of people know of my coffee habits, I get Border's and Starbucks gift cards at holiday time and fortunately, they last me through the year. If it wasn't for the gift cards, I'd be buying plain coffee, which I also like. I went to visit my mom after that. I did her color and then her cut. She reminded me that I did it very short the last time, and I told her I'd be doing that again. It looks good on her that way, and to be honest, it means I don't have to do it as often. We had lunch together, then I went around the house and made a list of things for her aide, who comes 3X per week, to do. It was funny, whenever my mom would ask me to do something, like take the dead leaves off of a plant, I'd say, let me write that down. Jess, who happens to be my nephew's girlfriend, comes for 4 hours each time, and often my mother is grasping for things to keep her busy. I put things on the list like: wipe down molding around kitchen window, clean front and sides of kitchen cabinets, clean ceiling fan, etc... Don't you just wish you could write a list and have someone else do it? That would be the greatest luxury for me. I left there and bought a "Nicer Dicer" (as seen on TV, BTW) from Bed Bath and Beyond. I had borrowed my parent's and it worked great. I went to Macy's and bought Emily the MAC powder that she borrows from me all the time. Now that she's waking up so early for school, I don't want her coming into my room to get it, and I don't like going into her bathroom to get it back. She'll be happy with this surprise gift when she gets home from field hockey practice. I went to Marshall's and Homegoods and didn't buy anything. I went to Lowe's to look for a mosquito zapper, but they were all out. Finally I went to the grocery store to buy shrimp and salmon for tonight's dinner. Whew. It was a busy day. Was this too long-winded? It's not like anyone asked...

I'm off to do some much-needed laundry. Then start on dinner. I think I'll slather myself with bug spray after that and just chill out on the porch or the hammock.


jAMiE said...

I just finished four loads and i'm happy...it's always so nice to have nice, clean laundry.

You had quite the day, running all over like that. Bless your heart for helping your mother as you do on top of everything else you do...and for doing unexpected nice things for your daughter too.

Enjoy your dinner!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

yum, starbucks.
Perhaps your mom's just afraid that she won'g get to see you as often as she wants..even though you're always helping her, and going over there..I experience that, or more so rather, my mom, with my dad's gramma..She's become quite needy after losing grandpa 3.5years ago after 50+years of marriage.
She's very lucky to have you..I hope my children take as good care of me as you do your mom..

My dinner? Consisted of cotton in the mouth and frozen pea bags to my mouth-darned attractive dentist.

How did you quit smoking?


Happyone said...

You did have a busy day.
I have to get myself one of those mosquito zappers too.
I make those kinds of lists for myself to do and crazy as it sounds I like doing all that stuff and then crossing it off my list.
One way to do everything on your list is to do the job then put it on your list and cross it out. :-)

Ilene said...

That is a great idea to walk around and make a list for Jess to work on for Mom for the week. Maybe you can even add a recipe to the list once in a while.
I should buy a "nicer dicer" and compare it to the vidalia chopper I bought and keep the one that works/cleans best.

Summer said...

What is MAC powder?

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