29 August 2007

I've had a sluggish night. Mostly I've sat on the couch reading blogs. I haven't done that in a long time...made a night of it, that is. I ate my dinner sitting on the couch. I did go outside for a little while. Watched the birds and got mosquito-bitten. I can't stand that I have to put bug repellent on every time I want to spend time outside. I always have to wash it off before I go to bed because I don't want to get it on my sheets. My neighbor Kelly came home and I talked to her for a while. We both pulled crabgrass and other weeds as we talked. I'm big on multi-tasking. I sat down with Emily while she ate dinner and we talked about her classes. Today was day 2 of school; yesterday was her first 'A' day (Spanish 1, US Gov't, Geometry, Nutrition) and today was 'B' (Biology, PE, English, Art). So far she likes her 'A' day better. Tomorrow she'll go to field hockey practice. I think she's joining the team.

Crusty Beef had the smart idea to put this link on her blog, and I thought I'd do the same. There's a campaign to get people to add ICE (in case of emergency) in their cell phone contact list. The linked site explains it much better than me.

I'm off tomorrow. First order of business will be cutting and coloring my mother's hair. She's going away next week and I can't have her going with a gray 'bull's eye' on her crown! You'd think a hairdresser's mother would have well-maintained hair.

Hopefully I'll have something interesting to say tomorrow!


marykay said...

hi cheryl
I enjoy your blog alot and understand the mosquito problem bought a stinger at lowes and best thing ever its like the bug zapper but has a cartridge in bottom to attract bugs. I leave it on all the time and no bites. Best $35 ever spent!

captain corky said...

I'm big on multi tasking too. That's how I can drink seltzer and comment on your blog at the same time. ;)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I detest the smell of bugspray..I just found some though, that doesn't have that nasty ear waxy smell..called clear breeze (something like that-sounds like deoderent, doesn't it?? :)...)

Sounds like a great day planned..I hope you're not too sluggish this morning.You and Soul are welcome to come over for coffee if you'd like! :)

If you saw my hair, you'd fall of your chair. My roots are growing out so bad that the dark is on top and blond streaks down near my ears..Yikes..I wish you could do my hair. :(
p.s. Thanks for the mention, you didn't have to do that..it was so sweet of you!!!

Amanda said...

While on vacation I used some bottled lemon juice which seemed to keep the mosquitoes away.

Will there be a "C" day? :) The ICE-idea is really good! Now I have to learn how to carry a cell-phone with me.

jAMiE said...

Cheryl, thank you so much for the link to that article re the ICE thing...i am going to do that right away...what an excellent idea.

I've fallen behind in reading all of your blogs...it's good to be back in touch!

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