13 August 2007

Today was the first day in Myrtle Beach with really beautiful weather. Sunny, breezy, mid-80's, low humidity. I hated to come in from the beach.

Here's the view from our balcony. The roof of the indoor pool is just below us. Not the best view, but it's alright :)

View from our umbrella.

Our hotel/condo is the tall one.

Tonight's excitement was taking the girls to a NASCAR go-cart place, then trying to find the outlets, again. Turns out they closed at 7:00. Duh. It was Sunday. We went back to the shops at Broadway at the Beach. I warmed a bench and people-watched while the others shopped. That was fine with me.


Summer said...

It looks beautiful there. The humidity dropped here at home too. Enjoy your the beach today!

Billy said...

Wow, what a nice place to vacation. I have always heard about the beach, but have never been. Looks like fun!

captain corky said...

Can I come next year? I promise to behave.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

YEAH! What Corky said! I wanna go too.
and then we can all complain about the heat-which by the way you're entitled to even though you are on vacation..yes, you're allowed.

fiwa said...

Look at that BEACH! Sorry, you're not allowed to complain if you can be on that beach! :)

Splash in the waves for me!

Portia said...

woah i missed a bunch over here. the pictures are fabulous! i especially love the trees.
myrtle beach sounds wonderful. i hope it is :)

Dan said...

You can complain but I can complain louder because I'm not on vacation complaining. Or something.

Hi Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

You're too hot on the BEACH???

OK, go ahead and complain, I'm all for complaining about the heat.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha. That hotel looks like a monolith coming out of the sand and ready to depart to another planet.

Warming a bench and people-watching is good for saving money and not buy unnecessary trinkets. Good for you! I'm in full support of such endeavors myself. :>


jAMiE said...

I love to people watch...but i'd have fallen asleep on said bench...it looks lovely where you are..i am offically jealous now!

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