01 August 2007

It's Emily, I wanted to make an omlet for lunch and seeing that I only knew how to make one from watching my mom a few times, I resulted to calling my Dad. After I was done on the phone I cracked two eggs into the pan, they started to smoke so I figured that wasn't right. I called my Dad back and he laughed and told me to beat them first like you would for a scrambled egg [as most of you would know]. I poured the eggs into a bowl and beat them. After that I put the eggs back into the pan and cooked them. Then, I put the alfalfa sprouts and cheese on the uncooked egg side and folded the egg. It ripped on the folded side and stared to burn. So, I moved it to another place on the pan and flipped it. It then decided to smoke... I turned off the flame and let it sit for 30 seconds and then put it on a plate. When I sat down at the table, proud of getting over not being able to make an omlet, I cut a piece of it to eat and the egg liquid starded leaking everywhere! So much for that >:[

If anyone has tips, that would be appreciated :]


Martha said...

I got an omelet-maker at Wal-Mart. You beat the eggs, divide it between the two sides and make it in the microwave. Very easy and very good. Otherwise, use a good non-stick pan, let the pan get hot, pour the beaten eggs in and use the end of a spatula to gently move the egg around so all the liquid starts to get solid. Then add your ingredients and fold it over, flipping it once so it finishes cooking. Hope that helps!

fiwa said...

Hey - it really looks pretty good! It's hard to get an omlet cooked all the way through. My tip would be 1. Turn the heat waaay down. Not even quite med. heat. 2. Butter the pan really, really well next time, or spray it with Pam or something. Beat the eggs, then pour them in the pan, and let them sit for a minute or two. Once they start to look like they're getting a little firm, get a spatula and sorta push one of the firm sides into the middle, and then roll the pan around so that the wet part of the eggs runs into the hole you just created. That will help it not be so runny. Kinda run your spatula around the sides and underneath it some so it doesn't stick. If you keep your heat low, you should be able to cook it all the way through without it getting too brown on the bottom. Or flip it over if you're brave enough. When it's done, loosen it up with the spatula and let it slide out of the pan onto your plate. WHen it's halfway out, use the pan and your spatula to fold it over. Oh yeah, and don't put your sprouts and stuff in till it's almost all the way cooked. Bet that's more than you ever wanted to know!

Terroni said...

Fiwa's right...low heat is key!

Summer said...

What Fiwa and Terroni said! But I will tell you what the cook at the hospital does. Any stuff you want inside, like ham and veggies, he heated them in a seperate pan. He cooked the eggs on one side, flipped it like a pancake, cooked the other side, put the other stuff in the middle added the cheese and folded it in thirds. He let the heat of the eggs melt the cheese. I loved omelet days at the hospital!

You did good!

jAMiE said...

I love an omlette..but i've never made one myself...but i know they are good for you..so good luck with the instructions that were suggested.

Good effort!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

As everyone else has said, low heat is the key. It wasn't a bad effort. I once exploded an egg while trying to get a hard-boiled egg. It created quite a mess and a big chip in the kitchen floor. But I put that behind me and have become a reasonable cook. So keep trying. Here's a tip. If you anticipate a few more disasters before you get it right and are fed up of eating your mistakes, offer to cook for your boyfriend. If it turns out well, he'd be impressed. If it turns out bad and he still eats it with a smile, that tells you a lot. Happy cooking.

captain corky said...

Always use Pam first. That way the eggs wont stick to pan. Then do what everyone else said. :)

Sarah said...

Em, I hate to brag, but I can make kick-ass (I'm sorry Cheryl, there might not be any better way to describe what I do to eggs, honestly) scrambled eggs and omlets. Come over when you get back from vacation and I'll give you a lesson!

Have fun, you beach babes!

Sarah said...

Oh, and I'm a high heat kind of gal - I watched a cook-to-order chef make my omlet one day at a hotel AGES ago and it changed my egg cooking forever. You put the pan on med-high heat while you get the eggs together and beat them - use a bit of milk for moisture and salt and pepper to taste - right before you put the eggs in use a spritz of Pam or a pat of butter (I prefer butter) - throw in the eggs and start "moving" them right away (pull the cooked eggs from the side of the pan to the center and keep doing this until the eggs are done). For an omlet I turn the heat off almost immediately after I put the eggs in the pan - pull the cooked eggs to the center until most of the liquid is gone but just until there is enough to fill the pan back up - throw your fillings on top and cover with a lid for a few minutes - uncover and slide the whole round omlet out of the pan about halfway and then use the pan to fold it in half.

(sorry, I missed all the low heat comments, so I had to explain how to use high heat to get the greatest eggs)

Portia said...

my goodness, we've got some omelette-cooking people around here!
the first time's always a learning experience. i had to get over some disastrous first times in the kitchen to find that i actually like cooking...but i haven't made it to the omelettes yet:)
good job on the valliant effort!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Hi Ladeda's daughter-

1-spray pam in nonstick coated pan

2-turn burner to medium

3-Crack eggs in bowl

4-whip eggs with a fork(wire whisker)-the longer you do it, the fluffier the omelet.

5-add the ingredients ie: alfalfa sprouts (sp) and whatever else to the whipped eggs and mix with a spatula

6-Pour egg mixture into heated pam/buttered pan

7-cook until edges of circled egg are not running

8-slowly with your spatula fold over one side hold down egg fold with spatula for about 10-15sec

9-flip after cooking that folded side by however much you like your egg made (burnt, brown..) just right on medium/low should be 1min max.

10-finish cooking other side.


you do everything the same except you add the mixture after the egg has cooked in it's circle

2-add the ingredients to one side of the egg.

3-fold the egg over from the "side" that doesn't have your omelet extra's.

and, Enjoy!

hope this works.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Basically, what everyone else said.

You're ahead of me,..when I was "GASP, "your age"..." I think if I made scrambled eggs I was lucky...back "Than" I was more the muffin, cookies, baker maker.

Crusty~ :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Even though yall's suggestions are basically the same, everyone has a different twist! I'll try to make one before we leave for Edisto tomorrow morning. Thanks :]

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