11 August 2007

I'm taking a break from the beach to get something to eat, and post a quick hello. We arrived at Myrtle Beach yesterday afternoon after a meandering drive up the coastal highway. The highlight was touring The Hampton Plantation. It looked just like I imagined a plantation house would. What I didn't know about coastal plantations was that rice was the main crop. All the marshlands and creeks were ideal for growing rice. This plantation had over 400 slaves. So hard to imagine. It was over 3000 acres. It was crazy, crazy hot in there. No AC. I think it was about 120 degrees. We were soaked, and the tour lasted over an hour. There were only 5 of us there (crazy enough to be out in the heat), and we had a very casual and informal tour. The best thing about the tour was: 1. The house 2. The humongous trees on the ground 3. The gorgeous guy on the tour 4. The enormous cricket we saw outside. I'll post pictures tonight. We left there and soon came to Pawley's Island. I remembered, then saw a billboard for the famous Pawley's Island homemade hammocks. We found the store where they make them, and I bought one to replace my L.L. Bean one that dry-rotted last year. Yeah! The only problem is that it's in a big box. Luckily there's room.

I really miss Edisto. The beach. The creek. Myrtle Beach is so large and commercial. Still, it is the beach.

More later.


Summer said...

Pawley's Island is a pretty cool place. I hope you enjoy your stay in MB. I know it's crazy and loud, but, I know you'll have fun. Take care and sweet dreams tonight.

Billy said...

Can't wait to see the hammock when you get it back home. Big crickets huh?

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Pictures would be great. Thanks for sharing!! Sounds like quite the trip

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