05 January 2008


What a day! Let's see...I have to think because the morning seems like it was a lifetime ago. My first new client of the day didn't show up. One of our receptionists called, and apparently she had canceled the appointment a while ago but it never got taken off the books. So that was a wasted hour. The next hour was reserved for the other new client. She'd been going to the same hairdresser for 20 years, but the hairdresser moved to Colorado. She had her hair done by another stylist in the same salon, but the haircut she got was nothing like the pictures she brought in. Today's cut was the start of fixing it. She was so nice! She was recommended by a client of mine who's about as nice as they come. She loved her hair and told me that I was as nice as she had been told. She gave me a hug! The receptionist told me how excited and happy the client was when she checked out. Now do you see why I love my job? But I have to put in a disclaimer here. I come off sounding like I'm wonderful, but I'm not wonderful. I'm very warm and welcoming to my clients. I treat them like friends. I really care about them, and they know that and appreciated it. I probably get much more out of our relationships than they do. I don't have much of a social life at home, but have a very active 'social life' at work. At home I live with a head-strong teenage daughter. Get it? She would tell you that I'm not wonderful; she knows how to pull my strings and sees it all--the good, the bad, the ugly. The normal person that I am. My job is the perfect one for me. It brings out my really good side.

Border's was wonderful. I had my usual. The family I talked about last week was there, drinking the cafe's tea. I read Consumer Reports and PC World. I went to the library and the grocery store on my way home. I called my neighbor when I got home and asked if she had dinner plans. We made up to go to Golden Corral. My mother's going to be so jealous when she finds out. There were 5 of us, we had a great time, and the food was delicious. Of course I ate too much. Emily was at JD's house and didn't want to join us, so she came home after I got back.

Emily used her own money to buy an iTouch today. OMG! It is one awesome piece of technology. It's an 8G iPod that also has wireless wi-fi, along with all kinds of features. I guess you'd call it a PDA? My blog looks so cute on it in miniature. I played around on it a little, but Emily's putting all her iTunes songs on it now.

Kit sent me a e-mail asking if I wanted to meet at the 'lodge' for coffee. I guess she read my description of Caribou! So, that will start my morning. I'll go back home and pick up Emily to meet my family for brunch at a wonderful Chinese restaurant to celebrate my nephew's 21st birthday. I've heard the brunch is elegant and the food is outstanding. Emily's not crazy about going, and hates buffets, but she'll be there. She'll order off the menu. I love Chinese food!

Well, I see it's after midnight. I wish I felt more tired, but will try to go to sleep. I wake up too early no matter what time I get to bed.


Jay said...

I want an iPod Touch so much. They are the greatest things ever.

Jamie said...

So, I must disagree, you are too WONDERFUL.

How can anyone NOT like a chinese buffet? Kids--they don't know anything!

Have a really good day today. :)

Lena said...

It is always so good to hear when people are really happy at their jobs.

Have fun at the buffet today!


dawn said...

honey, i haven't even heard of an itouch.
ooh, chinese food sounds so good. i hope you have a blast, cheryl.

Billy said...


Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

I received my little "package". You are such an amazing person!!!! I love it! You are so sweet and I am so glad to have met you. One day, I hope to meet you in person.

Amanda said...

Oh yeah, I definitely get it. I have a little Capricorn at home!

fiwa said...

I'm jealous - I want an itouch!

Sounds like you had a great day yesterday. I'm so glad you like your job - that always makes the day go by faster when you enjoy what you do.

Happy Sunday!

Mary said...

Brunch sounds wonderful and Chinese is a favorite of mine. I like buffets. Ordering from the menu means you just might miss the most yummy stuff.

I remember when my boys were about Em's age they thought going anywhere except Burger King and I-Hop was unacceptable. They were left home more times than one and finally got the message - Buffets have delicious food and the diner has control. As a young person control is everything.

Anonymous said...

I'm so out of it...I don't even know what an Itouch is!

Of course people respond well to you. You obviously love your job and enjoy the folks that come to you. You make them look nice and feel happy!

SOUL said...

my kid would sell her "Soul" :)) for an itouch!

anyhow, bad joke i guess.

sounds like a great day--teen girl included.

i have no idea where you live but i doubt that it is close enough to be my hair lady???

ugh.. me and hair do not get along.
sad but true

btw= i finally had a starbucks last night--- it was yummy
no book tho-- still can't see
happy sunday

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Em's a capricorn as am I and we are stubborn and hard headed, but those are the very traits that will help us survive later on in life. I think I gave my mom a HUGE run for her money, and even though there were things that she might have oops'd on, I am so fortunate for having all of her-as Em will be..the good bad and ugly.

Ahh..the "not looking like the hair in the picture.." does that ever bother you? Because realistically isn't it hard to "make me look like that.." when it's Jessica Biehl in her skinnies with perfectly shaped hair? :)

That's awesome about the itouch..I will have to google it to read more on it. I laugh because as of present I still don't own an ipod, mp3 etc..but that should be changing this friday! :)

Have a great week dear Cheryl!

Anonymous said...

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