09 January 2008

Just a quick hello. There was teenage drama here last night, so I wasn't around. All is well; my daughter needed me and I was there for her. I'm just glad she let me in.

Have a great Wednesday. I'll be back tonight.


Billy said...

Hope Emily is okay. Tell her I am thinking of her and sending some positive vibes her way.


C.A. said...

Oh Cheryl...I can totally empathize with you. Were having the same problem here...sigh.

I hope Emily works through whatever it is, and the drama fades. Just know that I feel your pain, my friend.



Cindi Ann

Happyone said...

Hope all is well.
I lived through two teenagers. :-)

fiwa said...

Hugs to Em, I hope she's ok.

heiresschild said...

glad all is well.

Mary said...

Teenage dramas are the worst. It's a credit to your parenting that you were there and that Emily called on you. Hope everything is solved. Hugs to Em and to you, cheryl.

Andrew said...

Email me if you a friend to vent to. I am thinking of you and hope things are better today. I am thinking of my friend and her family in Maryland.

C.C. said...

It's so great your daughter lets you in. I thank my lucky stars everyday that my 18-year-old son still comes to me when he needs to talk. I think it's trickier with daughters, no? You must be a great mom!

Moohaa said...

I was wondering about you. I'm glad all is well. Your daughter is so lucky to have such a loving mother. Take care!

Gin said...

It's a good feeling when they let you in, isn't it.


Mo said...

I am glad she let you in and you were there too. Blessings for both of you!

Brad said...

Boy, I remember causing alot of teenage drama from about 14 till 19. I spent from 20 - 27 apologizing for it, don't worry, your day will come.

And it come's with a price to the kid! Let me tell ya! (and I had it coming)

Peace Sister !

Leann said...

Hope all is well with the daughter Cheryl.


Jamie said...

You're a good mom. I remember those days, and they can be hard. Tell her it will be okay...her age is a hard one. :)

jAMiE said...

I hope all is well..i am so happy for you she let you in..but i'm not surprised, i bet you're a wonderful mother Cheryl.

Amanda said...

Big hugs to you and Emily!!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Hey to the both of you:
Cheryl: Check your email. .:)

Em: Being in highschool, being a teenager was so difficult..and the emotions that are running through are painful and so real..I hope that things are better for you. ANd this is coming from someone that rebelled in HS and gave my parents a very hard time..how? hmm, well, not listening to their curfew because I thought it wasn't fair that I had the earliest curfew of my friends.
Not letting me drive until I was 17.
Not letting me go to parties even though I promised I wouldn't drink.
I lied and went to parties, but told them I was somewhere else. I didn't drink because I knew the dangers, but I just felt like they weren't allowing myself to be free like I wanted to. I than found that dating older guys pacified me and gave them a trembling lip..though they controlled when I could see the dreadful dates, they never told me I couldn't see them-until one day the dreadful boyfriend began hitting me.

So here I am at almost 33 and looking back what hurts the most is all the angst I caused them. Even though there are things that while Looking back I still don't understand why they felt the need to control my life, I understand now as a parent why: Because I was their first child, their daughter, and they only did what they did because they loved me, wanted to keep me save, and were scared that I still wasnt' ready for the world..being a parent now without teens yet, I can see why because everyday that my son leaves my watchful eye at only 6, I fear so much. Your mom means well, she's doing what she feels is best..and I know without a doubt that someday you'll look back on all of this and will be able to understand.

Another soapbox. Sorry!!
Hang in there you two! You both are in my thoughts!!


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

P.S. You are very wise to talk to your mom, that was something I never did..I only yelled and told them they were ruining my life. I'm glad to read that you are much wiser than I was back then. Never ever stop talking to your mom..even if you're nervous that she won't like what you have to say..you are a smart cookie Em!
be proud of yourself.

bonnie said...

Wow, that was a beautiful comment. I am glad that Emily trusted you. Everybody needs a mom.

TAG said...

Three cheers for Crusty.

Well said.


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