06 December 2008


It's early on a Saturday, and I have 20 minutes before work. I love having extra time in the morning. It's freezing outside; in the 20's. Karen, are you walking today? Brrrr. I've been wimpy and doing my inside walking DVD. Don't know if I'll ever brave the elements and walk outside when it's cold. I admire people who do. I see them and think, aren't they freezing their butts off?

I had Botox yesterday. I think the last time was in August. I've gotten so used to having the lines between my brows gone that I don't know if I can go back to how they were. Seriously, they were the first thing I saw when I looked at myself in the mirror, and I hated them. They weren't worse than what a lot of people have, and most people said they didn't even notice mine. Still, they bothered me. I'm a paying customer now, and it's expensive. For now, it's my indulgence. My guilty indulgence.

Well, time's up. Off to work to make the world a little more beautiful.

Happy Saturday.

PS. 778 = the number of posts I've written


KathyA said...

MAZEL TOV (the Yiddish, "you go girl"!!!!) on both the botox and the # of posted blogs!

jAMiE said...

Wow, 778..well done!
Enjoy the botox..you're worth it!

happyone said...

Yes Cheryl I walked. I wore 5 layers and was toasty warm!!

Gin said...

You need to indulge yourself once in a while. I think it's great that you do something you want to do!!!

Wow, you're an old pro at posting!! I'm probably not even halfway to there!!

Summer said...

I want botox for Christmas. And I think I just may do it. For me.

Moohaa said...

Hey, I can't say I won't have it. I guess it would depend on the cost/pain factor. :) I'm glad you are happy with it! You deserve it!

Jamie said...

Yea for the botox---anything that makes us feel better about us.

On the other hand, you are already beautiful. Just so you know.

Happy Monday.


Terry Bayer said...

Congratulations on the post count and the Botox! It seems like it had the desired effect – not only did it get rid of the lines between your brows; you also feel better about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a little confidence boost, and if Botox is how you get it, then by all means, indulge!

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