05 December 2008

Only time for a peek

Sorry I'm behind on reading your blogs. I've been very busy. Here's a peek at what I've been doing:

Making Christmas cards

Decorating the house for Christmas

Now it's time for work. Rush, rush, rush...

Happy Friday!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope you take a few minutes for yourself too!

P.S. Love the mantle.

Gin said...

I love your mantle. And you'll have to show us a card when you get it all done!! You're so creative!!

KathyA said...

You make me feel lazy!

Mo said...

Lord, now I feel like I should be putting more of an effort into my cards.

You're watercoloring? Sheesh, all I am doing is cutting, stamping, and adding a bit of stickle glitter.

I'm such a slacker in your presence.

Portia said...

I'm glad to see you & Emily had a nice holiday together! I love all your Christmas decor...can't wait to see the lights too. Have a happy weekend:)

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