09 July 2007

So, I'm back where I started this morning. The fan is making it just tolerable. What a day. In the past, I would have spent my day off at the pool. These days I really don't want to get tanner. I have enough sun damage from the years we thought it was good to get as tan as you could. That doesn't mean I never hang out in the sun...I'm just careful now. Going out in the morning and after the sun starts to go down is still a great way to spend a summer day. I just watched the sun disappear behind the treeline. It was quite beautiful.

What did I do today? I hung out. I did laundry and picked up all around the house. It's such a good feeling to look around and see everything neat. While reading Andrew's blog I followed a link to shy_smiley's blog where I found a link to a website that is trying to get people to donate and mail Beanie Babies to troops in Iraq. Apparently they're having a lot of success handing out these cute stuffed animals to the Iraqi children. Yes, I was a Beanie Baby addict. I'll admit it. It was partly the cute factor and partly that I'm a little bit of a compulsive collector. I gathered up a boxful of animals, and headed out to the post office. I'm going to find my 'stash' (remember I cleaned out the basement? I don't know where I put them) and mail the rest out. Anyway, I decided that I also felt like cooking. I got some zucchini from my sister's garden, and got the recipe for zucchini pie that my GA sister recently made. Then I remembered how much I love tomato pie and decided to make that too. I stopped at 2 vegetable stands for the tomatoes. I spent a long time cooking and then cleaning. Kelly came over and shared the meal with me. It was...delicious.

There's not much daylight left; I'll be spending the remainder right here. First, I'll post some pictures. 'Cause I love doing that.

Wish you could have joined us for dinner. What will I do with all the leftovers?


Anonymous said...

Two food posts in a row...you're making me drool!

Ilene said...

Your pies look wonderful, your salad looks wonderful. Lucky Kelly. We'll have to have a veggie pie night at Edisto.

Billy said...

I just read all of the posts. Glad you are back at it. The pies look fantastic! Hope you are having a great week!

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

those are some nice looking tomatoes you have there

Amanda said...

Tomato and zucchini pie?! I think my cooking horizons have just broadened a little bit. Thanks! I just love new food impulses. :)

Martha said...

Hi Cheryl! I'm glad you posted the link to the site about the Beanie Babies. I just checked it out and my husband and I will be setting up something in the next few weeks. We were going to sell our large collection at our garage sale next month, but I think we're going to donate them instead.

Anonymous said...

That's great that your donating the beanie babies to the troops. Who knew you could find a worthwhile cause for beanie babies? :>

These all look totally delightful, I wish I lived close enough to drive over, Yun,yum yum!

Take Care.

Walter parker said...

I think the Beanie Baby idea is a great practical way to help someone less fortunate even if one doesn't agree with the Iraq situation. You are to be congratulated for not only sending your own Beanie Babies but for also promoting the program on your blog sight.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

WOW! The salad looks too beautiful to eat! Great pictures! What's that last pic, the tomato pie? Are there eggs in it? It looks wonderful!!

So, this book, water with elephants, what's it about? I'm all for finding new books to read or to take a number to read so to speak..(there's nothing worse for me than to finish a book and not have one already lined up..)

Cheryl said...

crustybeef...the pie doesn't have eggs...tomatoes, basil, onions, cheese and mayo in a pie crust. Very easy. The book is fantastic. A guy runs off and joins a small circus. It's the story-telling that makes it so great.

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