02 July 2008

I have a little time before work, so I'll get to those Starbucks/Seattle's Best responses. I filled out one of those 'let us hear from you' cards for Starbucks. What I said, basically, was I like their lattes just fine, but that I like to bring my laptop to coffee shops that offer free wi-fi. Why should I go to Starbucks and pay? They sent me a e-mail explaining I could go to www.starbucks.com/wifi, register, agree to receive 4 e-mails a year from AT&T, and use a Starbucks card at least once a month to be able to use free wi-fi for up to 2 hours a day, every day. There you go. Last I had checked, you needed to have a T-Mobile wi-fi account to use the Starbucks wi-fi. So, that was a pleasant surprise. Next I mailed in one of those comment cards to Seattle's Best, the cafe in the Border's I frequent. Also owned by Starbucks. This time it was to write about the outstanding service by the new cafe manager. I received a letter from guest relations thanking me for contacting them, along with a coupon for a free beverage. Now wasn't that nice? Dell, on the other hand, never contacted me after the certified letters I sent them. That was the surprise.

Emily sent a bunch of pictures from Costa Rica. Here she is during the jungle tour. What a great experience she's having. Lucky girl!


Gin said...

Wow, how cool for Emily!! I'll bet she's having the time of her life.

I can't believe Starbuck's didn't have wifi for all their customers! How archaic is that?? And it's just plain snobby to only have it IF you have a certain account!

Hope you hear from Dell. I think sadly, they are more into selling than service!

It's good to be home and finally catching up on my blog reading!!

Jenny said...

Emily is your mini-me, Cheryl! LOL! You've reproduced yourself.

Good on Starbuck's for helping you out. As well they should.

Dell ... bleh.

Mary said...

Yes, Em is having a wonderful experience - one she'll never forget.

Good for Starbucks - BOOOOO to Dell.

Brad said...

Look at that smile. Emily looks like she's having a blst.

I'll keep my snarky Starbucks comments to myself, But you know what? I was on the project team to get all those wifi sites up. I did the part of managing the telephone companies installing the T-1's to the stores. Fun project. Hope your having a good day!

Portia said...

Well. Now we know even more about the quality of service Dell offers, and how much they must care. That's a shame. Glad you took the time to comment to the Starbucks places though, and that it paid off!

Emily looks like she's having a blast! What a great experience. And it's so cool that we get to see the pics and she's not even back yet.

Portia said...

I just realized I copied word for word your comment about her great experience...that was unintentional, but obviously I agree:)

fiwa said...

Considering how many places do have free wi-fi, I think Starbucks is asking you to jump through quite a few hoops. How nice that Seattle's Best gave you a free beverage coupon. Dell - that totally doesn't surprise me. I won't say I would NEVER buy a Dell because of your experience, but there would have to be some really, really good incentive for it.

Have a wonderful day.

Jay said...

I can't believe you have to go through all that to get WiFi from Starbucks. That annoys me so much. It's available for free from so many places that there's no reason to put with Starbuck's bull.

Costa Rica? Wow! That's gonna be really awesome!

Happyone said...

Em looks like she's havind a great time - one she'll never for forget.
Enjoy your alone time. :-)

C.A. said...

LOVE the pictures from Costa Rica! What an awesome opportunity for her!

Wonder if Starbucks will do away with their customer service department now that they have announced all the closings?

Hope you are having a beautiful day, Cheryl!

Moohaa said...

I'm so excited from Emily and she does look sooo much like you! Lucky girl!

Starbucks ... jump thru some hoops and you get some answers. I'm glad they let you in on the big secret.

As for Dell, seriously, I'm not surprised. Not after what you've been thru!

SOUL said...

i think they have sloths there ! i wonder if she'll see one. you'll have to ask her, and let me know. :))

hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet

Anonymous said...

hey guys! its emily. i'm going to try to put all the good pictures on shutterfly and then my mom can put the link on her blog. its amazing up here!


kristi said...

Wow, the memories your daughter will have.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Those Costa Rica photos look fabulous.

I'm glad you got some response from your comments.

Billy said...

It looks muggy in Costa Rica. But Emily looks like she is having fun. You have to pay for wi-fi in the Starbucks there? Wow!

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