10 September 2006

To do list: untouched. It was, however, a productive weekend. I think I'll put aside that list and write down all the things I do get accomplished. I spent a good amount of time outside sifting wood chips from the soil that is the mess of my side yard. Be prepared if you ever have a tree removed and they ask if you want the roots ground up. Did I know that meant my yard would be sliced and diced and the chipped roots would be whisked together with the dirt and grass? And that no grass would grow back due to the acidity of the wood? Sifting seems to be the only way to get the wood chips out. I'm far from done. New dirt and grass seed will be the easiest part of this endeavor. Help! Emily, in the meantime, totally cleaned the neighbor's lawnmower that she had so kindly lent us this summer. It sparkles.

As it was Saturday and I was fueled with my usual high-test caffeine, I went on to the more domestic art of sewing. I completed putting together my valences for the living room. I spent most of today finishing them and they're hanging very nicely on the new rods.

Neither big job was on my to-do list. They should have been, huh? I feel good.

02 September 2006

Hard to believe its Saturday, again. I'm home from Border's. I used to sit in the cafe and drink coffee and read People magazine. Now I read PC World or other magazines like that. I decided that if I were starting out on a career, that I'd choose something to do with computers. I'm just so interested in them. I should probably take a course to have a better understanding and satisfy my curiosity. Today I bought a magazine about cleaning up your computer to make it run faster. The upstairs one is so, so slow. Emily only wants to use my laptop, and I don't blame her. I want to fix the one upstairs so she'll use it more. Anyway, I drank my 2 cups of high-test coffee, read my magazines, went to the library and then home. That's my usual Saturday after work routine. I cooked ribs for dinner; they came out perfect. Yeah! Ribs, baked potatoes and strawberries. Good dinner. I finally went through all my CD's and weeded out the ones I don't want anymore. There weren't many of them. I want to spend more time listening to music. I finally finished putting everything away that was out of place from my painting job. Tomorrow I buy the fabric to make the valences for my living room and dining room. That will be a big job, but I need to do it. I found beautiful fabric.

Well... That was quite a ramble(its the coffee). Let's see if I can do that again soon.