27 September 2010

Consider this a week's worth of posts, OK?

I was home all day, and spent most of it in a pissy mood. I'm feeling better. It was a long, long, at-home day. Not the kind of day I like.

Ready for a rambling 'this and that' kind of post?

I saw a hummingbird at my feeder this morning. It was such a surprise! I thought for sure they had moved on, and resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to wait another 8 months to see them again.

Why does Verizon offer better Fios Internet and TV plans for their new clients than they do for their existing ones? I asked that question. Didn't get a satisfactory answer. My Verizon Flex plan ended and my rates went UP. The best they could offer me after a very long conversation was a savings of about $7 per month on my new more expensive bill. Big 'ole deal. I couldn't make a decision and told the agent I'd have to think about it and also call the other providers. He didn't try to change my mind. I won't really switch because I love Fios. I just couldn't agree to their terms. Yet, anyway. Yes, it will mean another call, but I'll do it.

I called to cancel my newspaper subscription today. They tried to change my mind.

Why does Holly Farms hide the fat on the underside of their chicken breasts? It was like, what?? So not nice. It's one thing if you can see the fat when you buy it. You make an informed decision. Don't tuck it under and think we'll be happy.

OK. Maybe I'm still in a pissy mood.

I called to find the balance on nine Starbucks gift cards. Two had no value. The others totaled $78.57. I'm out of Borders gift cards. I like Starbucks but I like Borders gift cards too. I called Trader Joe's. I have enough gift cards to keep my work station pretty with my favorite astromeria flowers till the middle of December. I have lots of other gift cards, but no multiples like Starbucks. I really need to use the other ones. I did buy expensive make-up from Macy's last week. I still have a balance of about $50 there. I have to remember that the cards are gifts and meant to be used.

A few people told me they'd like to hear new client stories from time to time. Last week I had the sort of client that I kind of dread. She was unapproachable from hello. I tried my very best to engage her in conversation. It was very hard. Probably the experience of going to a new hairdresser had her totally stressed out? I tried to make her comfortable. Maybe she just couldn't reciprocate. I acted calm and collected but I was really uncomfortable. Truth be told? She scared me. I couldn't act scared. I did a good job on her hair but thought maybe she'd be happier with another stylist. Kidding. I hoped she'd be happier with someone else. I told her that if for some reason she wasn't pleased with her haircut to come back and try one of the other talented stylists at my salon. That impressed her. Nice of me, huh? I never say that kind of thing...the idea is to keep your new clients. On Saturday I had two new clients back-to-back. Stress! All I could think of was how uncomfortable I had been with that last new client. It caused much anxiety. Racing heart and all that. I was very happy to see that the first one was a former curly-haired client who had moved away a decade ago. Whew. The anxiety still had me in it's grip, until I saw the last new client. She also had curly hair and met me with a big smile. Yes! I was able to relax for the first time in hours.

A stink bug landed on my shoulder while I wrote that. We're having an invasion here in MD.

I always have a 33% coupon that I get via e-mail for Borders. I use it for my lattes. I used to print the coupon but now just pull it up on my iPhone and the barista enters the code. Easy peasy. Till now. Now I always get the barista that can't get it to work. Every time. I go there on Saturdays and hope she's not going to be on the register, but she usually is. She probably hopes I'm not coming in too. She struggles, I'm patient, and a line forms behind me. Then she gets help, and presto, coupon code accepted. Every time. I couldn't help myself but I said something two weeks ago. I said, you're the only one who seems to have a problem with the coupon code. I said it nicely (I swear), and though I didn't think she took offense, I was sorry I said it. She explained why it didn't seem to work for her, then she got help. I went for my latte this past Saturday and she was on the register. Darn! I said, sorry...I have my usual coupon. She blurted out, I have a learning disability and that's why it's so hard for me. Can I even tell you how bad I felt? I told her I was so sorry for what I had said. I had to stop myself from apologizing all over the place, knowing that would just make it worse. She rung up my coupon, no problem. I went to my table and read a magazine.

And there you go.

I'm going to write a letter to my mom's doctor for her aide (who is an angel) to print and give to the doctor tomorrow. My mother's behavior has me concerned. It's like her mind is a spinning dervish, consumed by tasks that she wants done right this minute. She has everyone around her running. I was there for a while yesterday and could hardly stand it. I couldn't sit with her for more than a minute before she asked me to do something, then three more things while I was trying to do the first. She knew she was being unreasonable, and would make a little crying sound and say she was sorry, but that she couldn't help it. She was the same way when my sister came over, and then again when my brother and niece came over. Her aide told me she was very mean to my father today. And to the visiting nurse. And when the visiting OT asked to see my mother try out her scooter in the house (maybe it could help avoid falls?), she nearly ran him over. He turned the speed knob to slow and she reached over and turned it to fast. What the heck is going on? I just called my father and thanked him for being so patient with her today; that I'd heard it was a hard day. He said, you mean I wasn't my usual mean self. I just said thank you.

Time to sign off. Did I write or what? One more assignment to go. Maybe I'll just copy and paste the last paragraph. I'm ready to put this day to bed.

23 September 2010

Writing is always better with a latte

Back in the day, I'd jump out of bed and head to Paneras and blog away. Back further in the day I'd think about cross stitch and spend every spare moment on it. Then it was rubber stamping. Obsessed. Then blogging. Now? I have no clue. Time is elusive. I really don't spend much time on FB. Or e-mail. Or keeping up with blogs. Some days I don't turn on my computer. I've watched a bunch of shows on NatGeo (does the new name attract more viewers? The shows were already great). The History Channel has some fascinating programs. I watched The Event, Glee and Parenthood. I'm never caught up on TV, but it appears it's a new favorite thing to do with my time.

I'm at Panera's. Emily left at 7AM with her boyfriend and father to visit two colleges in PA. Yesterday they went to two private in-state colleges. Tomorrow it's another PA college. Same on Saturday. I know that she'll be visiting public in-state colleges too. This is field trip time at her private high school, and all the classes have field trips. The seniors are encouraged to use this time to visit colleges. Pretty great, huh? I wish I could be with them, but Emily's dad is retired and has the time and disposition to be good at this. Emily bought a dress for the occasion. She couldn't believe she saw kids with cut-offs and t-shirts on tours. She thinks it's a time to make an impression. She surprises me often. I'm excited for her, for this experience. The reality of what's available financially will have everything to do with what colleges they're able to attend. Their plan is to go to college together. Time will tell.

If you've seen my posts on FB you'll know my mother just got out of the hospital. She was walking without benefit of her best friend (her cane) which should be glued to her hand (if only there were a way) and fell when her non-skid slipper caught on the carpet. She didn't want to wake anyone to carry coffee to her favorite chair and TV. So, cup instead of cane. She almost made it. The cup made it to the table. Amazingly, she fell to the floor without hitting any furniture, but she fell onto her paralyzed arm. Again. She's had a bunch of falls lately. Each explained, which is great, but falls nonetheless, and all on the arm. Long story short, the arm is horribly swollen but amazingly not broken. For some reason she blacked out while getting X-rays at Kaiser, thus the trip to the ER. It took 2 days to complete all the tests. All negative. She came home yesterday and home PT starts today. I woke up from a dream in which my sister called to say that my mom had fallen again. You could say we're all living in fear. The only upside to the unfortunate event was that my out-of-town sister was visiting and we and we were able to spend a lot of time together, along with my brother.

I've had my cinnamon crunch bagel and caramel latte. It's time to hit Walmart, then go to the closing on my home refinance. I'll visit my parents afterward. Those are the definitive parts of my day. I hope for only good stuff for the rest of it.

The sky before last night's awesome lightning storm

Happy Day!

16 September 2010

A slice of life

I'm up bright and early this morning...mainly because my alarm went off at 5:45. That's Saturday morning time, and it's Thursday. I only set my alarm on Friday night, and I swear I didn't set it last night. It will remain a mystery. I woke up with a lot on my mind and couldn't go back to sleep. My daughter and her boyfriend were on her laptop checking out colleges last night and I sat on the couch with them. They're looking at small private colleges. Wonderful colleges. Expensive colleges. Their plan is to go to college together and be together 24/7. I'm filled with angst on so many levels. Financial, social, etc. I'm so glad that she's looking at going to college. She had talked about taking a year off. Now she's talking about starting in the spring instead of the fall. There's more unknown than known, but at least she's/they're looking. I watched and listened last night without giving any opinions because to have done otherwise would have resulted in a fight. I'm left with deep unease over the whole college issue because I'm sure I'll be at odds with both my daughter and her father over most every issue. Financial, social, moral, etc. This is just how I'm feeling at the moment, however. I'm a firm believer that most worries are wasted and that things turn out better than I imagine they can.

I have a dentist appointment this morning to finally have my permanent crown put on. I've had a temporary crown for months and no crown for 2 weeks. Hopefully today will be the end of the crown saga. I'll go to my parent's afterward because my sister Ilene is here from GA for a visit. Oh, I wish she lived closer. We'll all spend the day together. I'll be going to Back to School night tonight. While there, I'll have a chance to spend time with the college counselor. That will be good.

So there you go. A slice of life. Finally.

14 September 2010

Still standing

The longer I go without writing, the harder it is to write. It seems like I have to have something fun witty and new to say. I'm (yikes) watching TV instead of blogging. What's happening? I don't plan on stopping or being away for much longer. You've been warned. I'll be back!

03 September 2010

New clients

Thought I'd share a few things from my day at work yesterday. I had two new clients on the books. You never know what that new person will be like. I wonder how many new clients think about what it's like for us? They're probably nervous. We can be too, but we have to act utterly cool and in charge. We have to be great conversationalists and have the ability to put our clients at ease. It's a skill that comes pretty easy to me, though I'm often uneasy before I actually set eyes on the new client. I like nothing better than to see that my new client has curly hair because there's an instant bond; and instant ease. Most of my new clients are curly, but by no means all of them. So yesterday...my first new client has smooth hair. Probably in her late 50's. Skin so white it's practically translucent...you can see the underlying blue of her blood. She was quiet and soft spoken. And she passed me a printed list with her full name at the top and at least 15 bullet-points outlining how she wanted her hair cut. Yes, you heard me right. Fortunately, she came to the right person, because I'm very good at following directions. But, can you imagine??? (BTW, I have another client with a printed list that she hands me every time she comes in.) She had 3 pictures too. I found the whole thing to be kinda humorous, but others might have been irritated. I colored her hair first, including adding some highlights--a first for her. The color came out perfect, considering it had been 18 weeks since she'd last had it done. That's a lot of roots! It turned out that her hair was very curly. I asked if I could dry it curly first, so she could see what it looked like, then wet it down again and dry it straight, since we had the time. She declined. She's a curly girl in denial. She loved her new color and new hairstyle and booked her next appointment before she left. Yeah! My other new client was curly-haired. She was in her 20's and met me with a very strong handshake. She had just gotten engaged last weekend and we spent the entire time talking all things wedding. She booked her next appointment too.

And that's a little slice of life from my day at work.

01 September 2010

A little ado about this and that

I belong in the land of bad bloggers. There's more and more of us.

Tuesday was Emily's first day of her last year of high school. Senior year has arrived. I'm sad and excited at the same time. I'd say pre-school through the end of elementary school went fairly slow. Middle school and on has just flown! The first picture is last year's first day. The next is from yesterday. The biggest difference seems to be the lack of make-up this year. I love that she's confident enough not to wear it, though she looks great with it on. She's pretty cute, don't you think? Of course, I'm her mom, so I can say that!

All is well here. I've been roasting at field hockey games. Monday was the first scrimmage. I brought a sun umbrella but left it in the car and baked in the mid-ninety degree full sun. Today I brought two umbrellas and roasted under the shade of one. The other I lent out. I can't imagine playing in that kind of brutal heat. I changed days off so I could go to the game. There were about 10 of us Indian Creek parents cheering on the team which was great, considering The Calverton School was over an hour away. We were so happy that we won!! Last year our team didn't even score once till the next to the last game. Tonight we won the first game of the season. What a great way to kick off the season! Emily is in the middle in green in this picture.

I'm not going to over-think this little post. It's gonna stay little. If I'm lucky I'll have something not so mundane to talk about soon, K? It's time to try to read my book club book. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. It's starting to get better...not much but a little. Finally.