31 December 2010


It's the eve of 2011. I'm going to miss typing 2010, although it will be easier to enter the digits for 2011. Gee, what will I do with the millisecond saved by not having to stretch my finger from 1 to 0? I'll have to write a new post in the morning just to type 1-1-11.

I was trying to remember what I did last New Year's Eve. I was sure it was the usual...an early movie and dinner. I did a search on my blog and came up with this nice post. How could I have forgotten? Being able to pull this up from my 'online diary' reminds me of why I love having a blog.

So it's a year later. Rob is sitting on the couch, on facebook, on my laptop. I'm using Emily's MacBook on the recliner. We're in pajamas at 6PM. We're still a happy couple more than a year later. Who would have thought it? We're still taking it one day at a time...enjoying the here and now.

It's been a year of ups and downs. That's life, right? It's been a hard year for my parent's, health-wise. That's been the hard part of life for me and my siblings. I've had two friends lose their sons to suicide. I have two friends who have kids that can't kick addictions. I feel very blessed that I have my health. My relationship with my daughter is so much better this year. I'm in a relationship with a guy who adores me and treats me like I'm the best person he's ever met. I have great friends. I love my job. I'm happy.

I'm ready to cook dinner. I have crab cakes chilling in the fridge, ready to be pan-fried. I've never made crab cakes before but they have to be great, right? A pound of backfin crabmeat, a tablespoon of mayo and one of mustard, an egg and a package of Old Bay crab cake mix. Some fresh broccoli and red potatoes, and there's our holiday dinner. Yummo. We'll watch TV and maybe a movie. Sounds like a great way to ring in the new year to me.

I hope whatever you're doing, that you do it with a smile on your face. I wish you a happy 2011 (which, btw, was very easy to type).

30 December 2010

This and that, again

This is going to be a quick this and that post. The reason? I really want to read my book. Actually, listen to it. I'm a huge fan of audio books. I'm never, ever without one in my car. It's all I listen to while I'm on the road. This particular book is so good that I downloaded it from the library website to my laptop so I could listen to it in my house. The book is Gods in Alabama. The narrator is superb! If you've never listened to an audio book, this would be a great one to start with. This book 'got' me from the first sentence.

I spent most of today in a shopping center. I shopped, I ate, I browsed. I browsed Pier 1. Didn't buy anything, but I hadn't been in that store for years. They have great stuff. I browsed Radio Shack. Just because. I love electronics, and though I wasn't in the market for anything, I loved seeing all the stuff. I browsed the Hallmark store. Again, really nice. It was more of a gift store than a card store. I returned something to Marshall's and bought my Christmas cards for next year. This was the first year I didn't send out cards and I didn't like that at all. I browsed HomeGoods. I grocery shopped. I went to my friend Kit's. I came home and browsed blogs while eating brownies for dinner. And here I am.

This is a short work week for me. I would normally work today, my day off, because I'm off on Saturday. I forgot to schedule myself. We're closing early tomorrow and I should have scheduled myself to start work at 9 since I finish at 2:00. Instead? I'm working 11-2. A big 'ole 3 hour day. How fun. Really. I might just drink coffee at work. Live dangerously!

Rob is coming tonight and will stay for a few days, yea! He's started a new job and weekends are not in our future. We'll have a quiet New Year's. I'll cook. Maybe go to the movies? The eve is such a non-event for me. It's funny...my clients all say, the salon must be so busy for New Year's Eve. It is SO not. People don't have their hair done for NY's Eve anymore. That was in the olden days.

Speaking of hair...there was someone sitting in the reception area on Wednesday that had an inch of dark roots with pumpkin orange hair. She must have been waiting for someone getting their hair done. It was awful! Then there was the young client with long black hair who had the last 5" colored primary red. It was not a pretty sight. Thankfully, all my clients have 'normal' hair, and that's the way I like it.

26 December 2010

Fa la la la la and Ladeda

I always feel that Christmas is forced on us. It's all about commerce, not so much religion. Retailers need Christmas to make the money they need to stay in business. They start out advertising earlier and earlier each year. Without them, would we get in the Christmas mood? It takes months to get us there. Then it's a flurry of buying and wrapping and stressing and cooking and eating and presents. Then returns and bargains and clean up and it's over for another year. This is not to say I don't like Christmas. I'd just like it every other year.

I'm sitting in my cozy family room gazing at this...

I love Christmas decorations. My house looks much better decorated for Christmas and I actually would love to keep this scene up all year long. Of course, I won't. I'm never in the mood to decorate until I actually do it. The thought of doing it is always harder than the actual 'doing'. Having my book club get-together the first Sunday of December makes me "get 'er done" and gives me lots of time to enjoy my holiday-themed house. Having a Christmas party every year helps too. I'm pretty organized in how I store everything and I have pictures of each decorated area, so it's easy to set up. Having a very early Hanukkah was helpful this year. So was having only a few people to shop for. So see, I'm not complaining. I'm just saying. The living room, where the tree is set up and all the presents unwrapped, is a disaster area. I'm pretending it's not there which is easy because I don't have to pass it to go to the rooms I use.

Rob came down on Thursday night and stayed through yesterday noon. Emily, Rob and I had a nice Christmas Eve together. It was a first for us. I'm usually all alone but this year I had my favorites with me. Rob had shopping to do on Friday, and we had fun doing it together. Emily told Rob NO gift cards for gifts. We put together gift bags of goodies from Trader Joe's for his family to supplement what he'd already bought. We went to my salon and I cut his hair. We went to Borders where I sipped and read and he shopped. We went to Sam's Club and had an easy check-out at the pharmacy counter. We had lunch at our favorite restaurant, Pei Wei (and our leftovers for dinner). It was a fun day and a fun night. I opened gifts from my clients till a bored Emily and Rob left me. Then we all went to bed.

Christmas morning was comfortable and relaxed. Everyone was happy with their gifts. Emily loved all the clothes I bought her except one top. I was SO happy. Clothes are very hard to buy for someone else and she knows she has my OK to return anything. I did good this year! Rob only had to return his slippers. Not bad. Emily left for her dad's at about 11:00, Rob for his family at 1:00 and me for my brother and SIL at 1:30. And here's the pics! Slide-show them for the best view.

Christmas 2010

I went out prior to our 'big snowstorm' this morning for toilet paper and ingredients to make turkey soup. I was down to one roll in a 3-bathroom house. Our big storm brought us a dusting, thank goodness. I hope it stays that way. It's in the 20's and the wind is gusting. I'm wearing my Cuddleduds under my pj's under my fluffy robe. My house smells just heavenly from the soup. It's the same one I made after Thanksgiving, and the recipe is a keeper. So it's been a quiet, alone day that's somehow flown by.

I only had a few things I wanted to accomplish today, and this was one of them. I'm happy now.

I hope you're happy too.

24 December 2010

Twas the night before Christmas

I'm so glad I wrapped all my gifts early. I think this is the first year that I've accomplished that. Rob has been wrapping for a long time and I can tell the glow has worn off. Emily just came home, but only has a few gifts left that need wrapping. As soon as they're done we're going to watch Christmas with the Kranks. I love that movie!

I've been battling a horrible cold for over a week. Right...I faked being well for my party. Didn't fake my body. Those of you that see me on Facebook know I've complained about this cold every day. It was a hard work-week. I stayed home from work on Tuesday. I was fully booked, but had no choice. I call out about once every 5 years. I think it was the first time I've had a fever as an adult. It was an awful day and night, but now just a memory. I think it was a one day flu in the middle of a cold. My voice is almost back and the headache almost gone.

Happy Christmas Eve my friends. Enjoy the eve!

19 December 2010

I willed it, and it happened

I faked it. I pretended I wasn't sick. I didn't want my guests to think they were in a sick house. My voice was totally croaky, but I said I felt fine. Actually, I didn't feel too bad. And I didn't look sick. The party was really nice. It was a small group this year...21 of us. Two couples canceled because of the stomach bug, and a few didn't show. I've never had the stomach bug or the flu, thank goodness. One of the nice things about having a smaller crowd was that I had the opportunity to talk to everyone. I still missed the friends who weren't here. The food was delicious. A few friends brought appetizers to supplement what I'd made. Many people brought desserts. It was an epicurean delight! Everyone who brought beer brought 2 6-packs. I had two cases of beer that weren't touched. Only one bottle of my wine was drunk. So...it looks like another party needs to be planned and I'll have to insist everyone drinks. Kidding. My brother likes beer. He's about to get a present. Here's some pictures from the party. I think if you click on slide show and full screen you'll get the best view. Warning...lots of pics of Rob and me.

Holiday Party 2010

Rob helped me clean up after all my friends left. When I went to wash up, I was shocked to see how red and glassy my eyes were. With the make-up off, I looked as sick as I was finally feeling. I slept horribly, and went downstairs early this morning with my pillow and blanket and hung out on the couch. Rob did lots of the cleaning up. Lucky me! I've spent the day napping and resting and drinking lots of tea. And eating! I didn't lose my appetite and I can still taste. Yeah! I don't remember ever feeling this bad. My only worry is about how I'll feel tomorrow. I have an early, unrelated doctor's appointment. The salon is open because of the holiday and I'm scheduled for a full day. I really need another day like today to rest up, but I don't think I'll have it. It's so hard to call out sick in my line of work. We joke, but my clients agree that they'd rather have me sick than not have me. We have Germ-X and Lysol. I'll just have to wait and see and probably fake it. I could count on less than 2 hands how many times I've called out sick in the almost 24 years I've worked in my salon. I hardly ever get sick, and when I do, I work. It's ingrained.

Anyway, I can relax now. I'm ready for Christmas. No stresses left. Ho ho ho!

17 December 2010


I woke up yesterday with a cold. Boo hiss. I never get sick. Well, hardly ever. My party is tomorrow and I'm determined to be as non-sick as I can be. I never miss work because of sickness...I work through it. So, I'm using what I have on hand...my neti pot, Airborne, orange juice, vitamins and Motrin. I'm going to be fine tomorrow, or I'm going to fake it. At least I'm not sneezing and my nose isn't clogged.

So, big party tomorrow. I can't believe I scheduled myself to work all week. I got a lot done yesterday morning and a little last night. I'll go to the Trader Joe's this morning before work for the bread I need. I'll go to Borders after work and have a latte. Well, two. They're having a buy one get one, and I'll just have to drink both :) Then I'll have plenty of energy to do what needs to be done.

I couldn't find my other clog this morning. I looked everywhere for it. Then I looked at another shoe that I wear a lot. There was only the one. Turns out I wore different shoes to work yesterday and never realized it. All day long. How could I have not noticed the feel? That only one foot got wet in the snow? It's a mystery.

Time to get going. Hope everyone has a good Friday. Stay warm.

15 December 2010

Hello Wednesday

I'm sitting on my couch with the warmth from my new space heater making me feel all cozy. I shouldn't feel cozy before leaving for an 11-7 day at work. I need to feel energized. I will be as soon as I get there.

I hope no one brings holiday baked goods to work today. I've lost my food filter. My clothes are tight and uncomfortable. Darn. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl and I've been eating all. I bring healthy food to work everyday, then fill up on sweets. Ho ho ho. Not. My clothes should fit for at least a few more weeks. Then I'll be on the bandwagon along with a lot of other people. I'm looking forward to feeling comfortable again.

Time to brave the cold and head out to make people beautiful. Happy Wednesday!

11 December 2010

Muse anyone?

I said I'd write when I had some caffeine in me, so here's the writing. I'm going to see if my muse arrives as I write. I'm hoping.

I'm just home from Border's. I had my latte but something was missing. It was probably just that I was hungry. I felt a little restless. I read Consumer Reports and that was interesting. I downloaded a few free apps that were recommended in a iPhone magazine. That's how I usually find my apps. I went through the new Big Lots! store afterward. I'll go back on Tuesday before work and pick up some stocking-stuffers.

It's 5:30 and I just realized I never ate lunch. No wonder I feel so out-of-sorts. BRB. Will yogurt do the trick? I don't think my house has ever been emptier of food. I threw out an ashamedly-large amount of food when I went in search of non-perisibles for Emily's school food drive. Then I donated a lot. Then we collected non-perishables at my book club meeting, so I donated more. And lately I haven't felt like going grocery shopping. It's been cold out! So...not much food here. That doesn't mean the freezer isn't full. We're not starving. And actually, it will be good to have an empty refrigerator because....

My big holiday party is next Saturday night. I need to start planning the menu. I need to make shopping lists. I need to start cooking. The house is decorated and ready to go. It's clean, but I'm sure I'll have it pretty spotless. I love hosting this party every year. I sent out e-vites and most everyone has responded.

Work has been busy! Fortunately, there's been no more color mishaps or stresses like a few weeks ago. Just normal very busy. The shop is decorated for the season with poinsettias everywhere. Pam, owner extraordinaire, keeps these plants looking perfect. They still look brand new when they're thrown away after New Year's Day.

I've gotten most of my holiday shopping done. Fortunately I don't have many people to buy for. Emily wants clothes, and I've shunned the gift card route this year. She knows she can return anything and my feelings won't be hurt. I hope she wants to keep more than she wants to return, but we'll see. I hope I know her tastes at least a little.

Tonight is the salon party at Pam and Mason's house. As soon as I'm done writing I'll start getting ready. Rob came with me last year, and it was the first time my co-workers met him. It was the first time anyone saw me with a date. Tonight he's visiting his son and parents in PA, so I'll be going solo. He should be at my party next week. After that, he'll be working every weekend. Boo. More about that later.

I wish I had something really exciting to write about, but the muse has escaped me. Still, I did manage to get a lot of words onto this page. Woohoo for me. And as an aside, the yogurt didn't work.

09 December 2010

It's only a filler

It's been a long time! I just checked to see when I'd last written. Time flies, right? I've been eating. I mean working and shopping and watching TV and stuff like that. Nothing too exciting. I had my book club over on Sunday and a great time was had by all. The house is decorated and waiting for the next party. The gifts are almost bought. Mundane. I'm cold. We're all cold, right? I'd much rather be warm.

And that's my 'filler' post. I'll have to make sure I write again on Saturday after I've had my fix. My feel-good-energy-boosting-creativity-coffee-fix.