30 November 2008

Just stopping in to say hello cause it's time to put this day to rest. I have some stories that I'll post tomorrow--they'll be funnier then.

Not Mashed Potatoes

29 November 2008


I've been around but busy. Aren't we all? I stayed in all day yesterday. No Black Friday shopping for me. There was nothing in the stores that I had to have or buy for anyone else. I brought a lot of the Christmas bins up from the basement. I'm officially behind in decorating, because I didn't get much farther than that. Maybe tomorrow? Emily said she'd help me bring the Christmas tree up from the basement and get it set up. I hope she does a lot of the decorating. The major chore that got done was all the hedges were trimmed! It's a big job and I've always done it myself. When you're single, you do it all. Well, when you're married you often do it all too. Emily's wanted to trim the hedges for a while, but I've never let her for fear that she'd cut some body part off. This time, I told her she could do it and she was excited. We worked as a team. My method is to surround each bush with old sheets to catch the droppings, then slide them into the bag in the trashcan. I raked while she cut, then helped with the clippings. It was a big job! I think it was the most yard work Emily has ever done and I was so thankful to have her help.

We went out to dinner with Kit and her nieces and great-nephew. We had a really nice time. Emily and I spent the rest of the night watching episodes of Private Practice and Fringe. I've watched more TV lately than ever. Emily's been home more, and it's what she wants to do, so I'm doing it with her.

I was up and at 'em early today. At the pool at 8:00 AM. It felt like a chore for the first time. I'm not sure why, but I hope it's not the beginning of the end. I can't let it be, especially during the holidays when I know I'm going to be consuming a lot of calories. I went to Macy's afterward. Was very, very tempted to buy a beautiful Martha Stewart pre-lit white Christmas tree. I bought a comforter set instead. I hope I like this one. I visited my parents after that, and took my mother out to lunch. I did some grocery shopping on the way home, then put up the Christmas lights on the newly shorn shrubs, and around the garage and front door. Emily wants more this year. I might ask my handyman for a price to string lights on the roof-line.

After the lights were done I made stock from the turkey carcass. Yeah for me. Usually I put the carcass in the freezer, then throw it away after 6 months. Now I have to look for soup recipes. I have about 4 cups of turkey I took off the bones (before making the stock) and have to look for a recipe for that too. Emily won't eat any of it. I think I'll freeze some of whatever I make for my parents, and bring some in to work on Tuesday. I don't think I'm crazy about turkey leftovers either!

Well, it's time to pick Emily up from the ice skating rink. I'm going in my pajamas, and I don't care. I'm pooped!

Later, peeps!

28 November 2008

The day after

Happy Holiday Weekend. I'm sitting still but feeling overwhelmed just thinking about what needs to get done this weekend. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our large family. There were 37 of us, with only 2 missing from the usual group. My sister Ilene in GA hosts her family and unfortunately, we never spend the holidays together. My cousin David and his wife Kate graciously host Thanksgiving in their large and beautiful home. Everyone contributes a dish. I brought my baked pineapple. This year I carved 3 turkeys! They order them from Omaha Steaks, and they're simply the best. Each one is about 13 pounds, so they're really easy to carve. As usual, I'll share some pictures.

I ate way too much. Not so much the dinner, but the desserts. Why didn't I just take them home with me? I came home and sat on the couch in a stupor till it was time for bed.

This is the first year in memory that I won't be going to the Frederick Craft Show. I just don't need anything. Last year I was out of the house at 3:30 AM for my first Black Friday shopping, but not this year. It's going to be 54 degrees today, and I must trim all my huge hedges so I can put lights on. I need to get a lot of holiday decorating done. I need to find a recipe for turkey soup. And I need to get off the couch.

Enjoy your day, whatever you do!

25 November 2008

Not my normal day

I'm starting work at 3:30 today. Crazy, huh? I had cancellations, so I'm home and trying to use the extra time wisely. I started at the aquatic center. It reopened yesterday, and boy did I needed the workout. I've been walking, but I've been eating everything in sight, and it shows. Even in 2 weeks. I called the center beforehand to make sure they were open. I swam 2/3 of my normal amount since I'm out of practice, plus I have a problem shoulder. This time I found that I forgot my undergarments. I guess that's easy to forget when you put your clothes over your swimsuit. I'm just glad I planned to come home afterwards.

I've done laundry, paid bills, rearranged my closet, etc. It's been great. I only wish I had the rest of the day off.

That said, I'm going to get busy. One more hour before work time.

24 November 2008

A good start to the day

I arranged my morning so I'd have time to shop at Sam's Club and Target, then have an hour here at Panera's. Next up: a 8 busy hours of work. It's fun to hear about all my clients' plans for the holidays. They're always surprised when I tell them we're a crowd of 30-something at my cousin's. I can't wait to see everyone, and I can't wait to eat my Baked Pineapple. Is anyone making it this year? And what will you be doing for Thanksgiving?

Happy Tuesday!

23 November 2008

Sunday, Sunday

My Sunday was great, but short. I watched a little TV in the morning then made myself get moving so it wouldn't turn into a lazy day. I made a to-do list. I turned off the outside water and brought the hoses inside. Found the cord for the bird bath and plugged it in. Hung up a picture. Watered plants. Then I raked and raked. Darn that pear tree. I have to use a plastic snow shovel to scrape the berries off the sidewalk leading up to my porch. I filled 10 bags with leaves and berries from that one tree, and there's still some leaves hanging on. I only wish there were a way to keep my neighbor's leaves out of my yard, but that won't happen. One of them never rakes. The other kind of does, but for some reason her tree hasn't lost it's leaves yet, and they usually head my way. Oh well. I raked while listening to my iPhone/iPod. It was chilly, but great, and I spent a few hours at it. Then Emily went with me to Sam's Club. I needed some staples (I was totally out of laundry detergent. How does that happen?), plus I knew it was their special holiday food sample weekend. Yes, I went to eat. The place was packed and the lines all very long, so Emily and I only ate. And I got gas. It was $1.67/gallon. Woo Hoo! We went to Sports Authority so we could look at the North Face jacket she wants. She has expensive taste! We got home, and I left to walk. Happyone, I thought of you. I had layers on, and fleece mittens. It really was wonderful to be outside, to look at the sky, the bare trees, the gumball pods on the sidewalk, the geese flying in formation, etc. And it was nice to listen to Keane on my iPod. I'm going to try to be brave and walk outside in the morning when it's really cold. When I got back I had Emily show me the stretches they do for field hockey, then we watched Fringe and an episode of Oprah on the DVR. We ate dinner on the couch while we watched TV. I'll take any togetherness I can get :))

I have to work tomorrow, whine whine. A one day weekend :(( I shouldn't complain. I'm going to be off Thursday through Monday. Still...I'm going to complain. OK, I'm done.

And I'm off to bed. Hope you all had good weekends.

20 November 2008

I'm not bored, therefore I blog

If you're bored, what do you write about? I'm sitting at a table at the Starbucks near the Aquatic Center. I like to come here after swimming if I don't have anything pressing on my agenda. Today is different because I didn't swim. Do you remember my saying the pool would be closed from the 10th to the 17th? That I was thinking about going on Tuesday before I got burned? Today was the big day, even though my shoulder still hurts after a week of rest. So I get to the pool and there on the door is the sign: "Sorry for the inconvenience but the pool will be closed for an additional week due to weather delays." I knew I should have called first. I asked if the locker room was open so I could at least shower. When I go to the pool, I just throw some clothes on over my bathing suit and leave the house. I was looking pretty scruffy today with no make-up and bed head. The person at the desk was nice enough to walk me over to the athletic part of the complex to use that locker room. That's when I looked in my bag and realized I forgot a towel. So, here I am at Starbucks, un-swimmed, flat-chested (no bra), frizzy and make-up-less. At least the Internet is working. And my shoulder is resting.

On to squirrel matters. As much as I complain, they sure are entertaining and I'm a secret enabler, about to come out of the closet. And I have a story to entertain you with! Have I mentioned they climb from my deck up the corner of my house to the roof? They straddle each side of the siding and climb. I haven't caught that part on 'film' yet, but here's the corner:

The squirrels climb into the gutter, then disappear. I'd hear them on the roof, but it wasn't till a few days ago that I figured out what they were doing. I'd hear them on the roof, then all would be quiet. I had an 'aha' moment and ran to my bathroom window to look out onto the roof of the garage.

That's when I saw a squirrel wondering how to jump onto the berry-filled pear tree that's missing the big branch that until recently overhung the roof. The squirrel scurried this way and that, then took a flying leap and missed the branch, but caught on the trunk. What a sight! The next time I heard the squirrel climbing up the siding I ran up to my bathroom window, and there it was again, on the roof. This time it totally missed the tree, but I didn't see the landing. Fortunately it survived and climbed the trunk. And there you have my new form of entertainment. And exercise. You know, running up the stairs when I hear them climbing to the roof?

Here's looking at ya

Anyway, the Internet service was very spotty at Starbucks. I kept losing my connection and finally gave up. I ran into the grocery store for red grapes. Emily loves them and I can't keep them in stock. I passed a gas station that had regular gas for $1.74/gallon. I thought the $1.82 I paid on the way to the pool was good. Oh, and here's a random thing. On the way to the pool I was passed by at least 3 State Troopers speeding somewhere. When I got to the pool there were 3 hovering helicopters nearby. When I drove into my neighborhood there was a hovering helicopter above. I'm always frightened of hovering helicopters.

It's after 1:00, and it's finally time to shower. I have a conference this afternoon with the Chemistry teacher, administrators, my ex and my daughter. A fitting activity for a day like today!

19 November 2008

Not enough time

It's a simple fact. There's just not enough hours in the day, at least for me. Especially being a morning person. I need more of those hours. This is what takes up some of my time:

I walk with her most mornings

Then I stretch with her

They really cut into my morning time. I barely have time to get ready for work and do the other things that need to get done before it's time to leave the house. Yes, this is an excuse for why I haven't been around to your blogs. I will make it up to you.

My burn only hurts when I touch it, which is go good. It's about 2" around, and looks like a bad sunburn. I'm so lucky it wasn't worse than that. Thanks for all your comments.

It's freezing here. In the 20's. I know there's lots of bad weather all around today. Stay safe and warm.

Happy Wednesday!

18 November 2008

And the coffee was hot

I'm sitting here with an ice bag on my thigh. Somehow I knocked the Melitta plastic filter cone off my coffee cup and the boiling grounds and liquid fell on my pajama pants and I used my hand to get it off my thigh, so I burned my hand too. My thigh is tender and red. It could have been really bad; I'm so glad it wasn't. I might have to use gauze to keep my pants from rubbing against my leg. It was scary. Before this happened I was thinking, should I go to the pool for a half-mile? Today is re-opening day after being closed for a week of repairs. Or should I do the walking DVD? Well, neither.

I only got a few minutes of computer time last night because Emily had my laptop. She doesn't have Word on her desktop computer, and for some reason she can't print from hers. So, I didn't read blogs but did finish the last 3 episodes of Brothers and Sisters. I just love that show.

Time to get ready for work. Happy Tuesday!

17 November 2008

Just a hey...

Don't you hate how early it gets dark? It's 4:00 and very gloomy out. I'm back in yesterday's spot. On the couch. Watching Oprah and getting ready to catch up on blogs. Any minute now. I was up early. Did the Leslie Sansone 2-mile walking DVD. I'd highly recommend any of her walking DVD's, btw. It's not just walking. There's sidesteps, kicks, kick-backs, knee-lifts, arm stuff, etc... A great way to exercise in front of your TV. The 2-mile DVD takes 30 minutes. Anyway, I went out to my parent's house. Took my mom to the dentist. Ran some errands while she waited in the car, then hung out with the mom and dad for a while. Helped my dad with his phone and GPS. Stopped at the grocery store on my way home. And, like I said, here I am again.

Em needs to use my laptop, so I'm not reading blogs after all. I'll do that later. I still have a few episodes of Brothers and Sisters to watch, so that's my revised plan.


16 November 2008

I don't really have anything to write about, but didn't want you to forget about me so I thought I'd post something. Anything! So here's a picture. Not the best. And let me tell you that me in a low cut top is not the norm! I was going to a party. Emily loves me in this top and she picked out my outfit.

I think I'm going to spend the day in pajamas. It's cold and very windy outside. I wanted to rake, badly need to rake, but it's nasty out there.

It would be a great day to work on my Christmas cards. To watch a marathon of Brothers and Sisters. Cook something good. So, those are the woulds and shoulds. I'll write later and let you know what I really did.

13 November 2008

Fun with friends

I'm really fortunate to have blogging friends that live close by. Today we added Kathy to the mix and she fit right in, as I knew she would.

We talked non-stop. Laughed. Flitted from one topic to another. I'm sure we could have talked for hours. Three of us got the fish tacos. They were fantastic. Karen got a Reuben, which was delicious. We're going to make plans to see each other soon.

The school conferences went well. Most of Emily's teachers had great things to say about her. They usually do. We went to the orthodontist afterward. We might decide to have braces put back on Emily's top teeth. The doctor said he could do clear braces and wouldn't charge. We don't have to make a decision right away, but I think we should take advantage of the offer. Her K-9's have pulled up a bit, and I'm not sure I like the way her teeth meet. It's been a year since she's had her braces off.

I'm making an early night of it. Later!


That's me. Behind on my blog. Just busy with other stuff and not much going on. I went out to dinner with a friend after work on Tuesday. Something out of the box for me, being out on a work night, which was nice. I met her years ago through my ex, and she became a client, and then a fellow blogger. She's an ex-blogger, because of, hmmm, privacy issues, so we met to catch up. I came home to a chatty daughter, which was a treat. Last night was pizza and Fringe, then the CMA's. And here we are, Thursday. Plans for the day? I'm going to do some stamping when I'm done writing. I want to make sure I have all the supplies I need for my Christmas cards. Then I'm going to do a Denise Austin Blast Away the Pounds indoor walk DVD (for the first time), then my stretching DVD. Then I'm meeting Bonnie, Karen and Kathy for lunch. It will be the first time they meet Kathy. We'll have a great time, I'm sure of that. The restaurant is in the Mills near where Karen lives, and I'll be getting fish tacos. I've eaten there 3 times and had them every time, and plan to have them every time in the future too. That's how much I love their fish tacos. The first time we went there Bonnie saw them on the menu and said she loves fish tacos. I couldn't imagine that, but thought, if Bonnie loves them, and she's such a foodie, I might love them too. The rest is history. Since then I've had them in two other restaurants, but they haven't compared to the ones at Ram's Head. The stamping store is also in the Mills, and I'll be stopping by there too. Next on the agenda: school conferences. Not looking forward to that, but I'm a parent, and gee, there's a lot about parenting that I don't like. Truth. It's the hardest job in the world.

If I don't sign off now, I won't get out of the house on time. I'll try to post again later today, with pictures of our outing. Happy Thursday!

10 November 2008

I always take pictures of my feet

Here's my attempt at a video slide show of Sherwood Forest. It shouldn't start with "I always take pictures of my feet" but it does and I'm not editing it. Apparently I didn't stop the music at the end of the show, either, so you have to stop it youself. Sorry. I'm learning. The music credit flies by. It's by Nicklecreek and called You Don't Have to Move That Mountain. I love their music. Love to listen to it on my walks. It was a big sky kind of day yesterday. Lots of sun with huge clouds. Just beautiful. I took lots of pictures. The video doesn't capture the clarity of the pictures, but you'll get the idea.

I really overdid it on my swim yesterday. I think I was afraid of the lanes closing for the synchronized swimming meet, so I swam fast and didn't stretch as much between sets of laps. I feel like I was hit with a truck. Not that I'd know what that felt like, thank goodness. I'm sore from head to toe. I got Emily to give me a little shoulder massage last night. I did my best not to make any noises of pleasure. Then I gave her a massage.

I'm heading out to Kohl's, etc.. before my afternoon appointment. No exercise for me today. I might go to my mom's later in the day. Another run-around day with no housework getting done or leaves being raked. Maybe the fairies will do it while I'm gone?

09 November 2008

Never a lazy Sunday

Do you have a room in your house that fills up with 'stuff'? Mine tends to be the dining room. No one goes in there and it's out of the way. Mine's not horrible, but needs some work. I've got a collapsible hamper on the floor containing 6 American Girl dolls, along with a lot of their clothes. I don't want to get rid of them. If you know about American Girl dolls you know there's a small fortune worth of stuff in there. The hope is that one day Emily will want the dolls for her kids. In reality, I should probably sell them on eBay. I'm probably one of thousands of mothers who think their daughters will have a sentimental tie to these dolls. Would we feel that way if they didn't cost so much? Probably not. Hmmm... I might just have talked myself into simplifying. I'll have to talk to Emily. To change the subject a little, who I'm really attached to is Muffy. That's the Boyd's Bear that was Emily's constant companion growing up. We called her Emily's sister. Yeah, I know. One day I'll figure out how to use my scanner and post some Emily and Muffy pictures. I won't be getting rid of Muffy. There's stamping stuff from the workshop I went to last week spread across the dining room table. I don't know why, but I'll take care of that today, when I'm finished writing. I already cleaned up the painting supplies that were on it just before I turned on my laptop. Not sure why they were still there. OK...I guess my dining room's not too bad.

I went to Borders as usual yesterday. I have no clue why I look forward to it as much as I do, but, I do. Maybe it's the routine? I always think of it as my reward for finishing my work week. Like I need a reward?? Who knows? I went to the library from there. I've been borrowing CD's and workout videos. The latest is Yoga basics. I'll try it. Emily had her best friend Joey over last night. I made dinner. Tyson's Bourbon chicken. I wouldn't recommend it. Steamfresh frozen mixed vegetables and egg noodles. The vegetables were the best part. And the Edy's Peppermint ice cream for dessert. I hung out in the dining room on my laptop and Emily and Joey watched a movie and hung out in the family room. A nice quiet night at home.

Can you believe how fast the year is going by? Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Actually, I can't wait for that. (And I can't wait to eat my Baked Pineapple bread pudding.) But the day after I start decorating for Christmas and that's a huge undertaking for me. One of the things on my list is to straighten out the basement so I can get to the Christmas stuff! I'll have my first party on December 7, and everything will need to be perfect by then. My next party will be on the 20th. At least they're spread out this year.

I have to make a decision about what to do now. I think I'll go check the aquatic center schedule to see if they're open today. Sometimes they're closed on weekends for swim meets. Since it's going to be closed from the 10th thru the 17th for maintenance, I should try to get one more swim in. Or, I can walk. Or meet Kit. So, I have to think, so I should go. Right.

Just checked... the pool is open. If I think about it I won't go, so...I'm out of here.

Happy Sunday!

07 November 2008

I had a big old break at work today. I went to Marshall's and bought a few of my usual tops. Mock turtleneck cotton blend. Black. I'm so boring when it comes to clothes. I tried on a bunch of black polyester slacks. Didn't find a pair that fit right. Black is my work 'uniform'. Black shoes and a black smock complete the look. It works for me. I made myself not look at anything Christmas at Marshall's. I have enough stuff for two homes. I'm at Panera's now, using their Internet. Didn't buy anything...I don't think they noticed. I'll be leaving in a few minutes to go back to work for my last client, a highlight and cut.

My friend Kathy came in the salon this morning for her cut and color. She brought me a decaf latte and homemade olive focaccia bread. What a treat. I've been meaning to write about Kathy and here I am. She's been a client and friend for years. An avid reader, gardener, teacher, and writer. And she's about as funny as they come. She started a blog a while ago, but I guess it didn't hook her like it did some of us (who me?) Anyway, she's changed her ways and been writing every single day, and she's good. You've probably noticed her visiting your blogs, but maybe didn't know we were friends? Well, now you know. Her post today had me laughing out loud in Panera's. I'd love it if you stopped by her blog and said hello.

Time to run. Later!

06 November 2008

La La La

I got to the aquatic center at 7:45 this morning to take the deep water aquatic class. Once or twice a month they have free drop-in classes, and this one worked with my schedule. I was nervous, because I knew it would kick my butt. You rent a float belt for $1, unless you own your own. I had no clue how long the class would run; it was an hour. Parts of it were really hard and I felt like a wimp. The instructor, who was really great, said you can burn 11 calories a minute. The way I've been eating the last few days, I should take the class every day. I swam a half mile after the class. I don't think I'll sign up for classes, though. I really don't like to exercise. The swimming, walking and now the stretching DVD I'm doing is enough. And it takes a good chunk of my day driving to the center (19 miles), swimming, showering, make-up, hair, etc... I left my house at 7:15 this morning and left the center at 10:00. There's a few signs on the wall by the shower. I get a laugh out of this one: "Please Refrain From Spitting In The Showers" Who would have thought they'd have a problem with spitting? I could understand a sign saying no peeing. I guess spitting IS a problem.

I'm having a problem with my Internet connection at home. Verizon says it's my router, and they're mailing out a new one. I'm hanging out at a Starbucks near the pool now. Listening to Allison Krause singing The Lucky One. I adore her voice. If you're not familiar with her, check it out. She has a voice like an angel. Which reminds me of the coolest (free) application I downloaded to my iPhone called Shazam. If you're somewhere and hear a song you like, you touch the screen of your phone and in about 10 seconds it identifies the song, and gives you the option of buying it from iTunes, or watching a video performance on youtube. How cool is that? How many times do you hear a song and wish you knew what it was?

Well, my time is up here. I'm meeting Bonnie at Nordstrom's. It's a La La La kind of day so far :))

04 November 2008

My plan was to vote at 10:00. I figured the lines would be short or non-existent. I got up, put the water on for coffee, and started making my lunch for the day. And I thought about voting. I was ready, and excited. I knew I should wait, but decided to just go for it. I turned off the burner and got dressed and out of the house. At 6:45 AM. I walked to the school, and proudly waited in line. There was such a feeling of camaraderie and pride in the crowd. I didn't mind the 70 minute wait at all. I walked out, proudly sporting my "I Voted" sticker. I think I'll always vote on election day, no matter how my state votes on the issue of early voting. Everyone at work was talking about voting. Everywhere you looked, people had on their voting stickers. There was a feeling of patriotism in the air.

I'm going to sleep now. I hope to wake to the news that my candidate won.

03 November 2008

More reasons to vote

Starbucks is giving away free cups of coffee tomorrow if you tell them you voted. Ben and Jerry's is giving away scoops of ice cream. Krispy Kreme has free star-shaped donuts. That's all I know of so far. Pretty cool, huh? As if we needed incentive. I can't wait to vote!

Facetime at a coffee shop

I realize what's been missing. Facetime at a coffee shop. Duh. If only...

Random thoughts: one stream of water from the shower head at the aquatic center was so much stronger than the rest that it was noticeable. There was no sunlight illuminating the pool water. I got my favorite lane. I counted by 4's while swimming to pass the time. I found out that there's 36 laps to a mile, not 32. The pool is 18.8 miles from my house. It's 20.7 miles to my parent's from the pool. I forgot to see how many miles from there to the counselor. Probably about the same. I drive a lot of miles on Mondays.

I was out of the house by 7:50 this morning. At my folks at 10:30. Cut my mother's hair. Errands in-between, then the counselor. She's the best! Then I got the bright idea to drive to Caribou Coffee. Almost everyone here has a laptop and a coffee. I had a fruit smoothie and a cranberry scone. I've been here for hours. Read all your blogs. It's been such a nice way to finish out the afternoon. Emily has been with a friend since after school, and went to Chick-fil-A with the family. I'm about to end my time here, but I think I'll stop by Chipotle for dinner to go. All in all, a great day off. I still have my constant headache. The heating pad worked yesterday when I held it against my neck. Dinner, PJ's, heating pad and TV. Yes!

02 November 2008

A Lazy Day

It's a headache-y day. I think it has to do with my shoulder issues from swimming, and it's been going on for days but I've been dealing. It's almost 3:00 and I'm still in my p.j.'s. Not my kind of day, but Emily wanted to watch all the episodes of Fringe, so we did that together. It's a crazy intense show! I never, ever, ever spend hours watching TV. I never watch sports. Never watch movies. I needed to get caught up, so that's one series I'm up to date on. I need to watch all the episodes of Brothers and Sisters and the rest of Grey's Anatomy. TV has become an obligation.

I finally got dressed at about 4:00 and went for my walk. Ah, maybe it's picture time? I took pictures of my usual walk a couple of weeks ago. My development is off of a road that's adjacent to an Army base. I'd say at least half of the businesses are boarded up. It's just terrible. In a few years something called BRAC is coming. It has to do with base realignment. Bases across the country are closing down and others are absorbing the load. Our base is one of those. Most of the influx of jobs will be white collar, with the support of lots of contractors. It will have a huge impact on all the roads around me, on housing, education, etc... The businesses that once thrived with the nearby base, like tattoo shops, liquor stores and pawn shops are no longer needed, and the absentee landlords have left the buildings to decay and be an eyesore while they wait for BRAC and their property to be in high demand. I imagine most everything will be torn down and rebuilt. We can't wait. The two entrances to my development are on the strip, nicknamed Boomtown. You turn into my development and it's an oasis. Beautiful landscaping. A mix of single-family homes, town homes, condos and apartments. Two community centers, an elementary school, pools, tennis courts, etc... My walk takes me through my neighborhood, then across the strip, then back into my neighborhood. Very scenic. Here's a glimpse.

I've spent little time on my computer today, and haven't stopped by any blogs. I did get outside and walk, and I cleaned up the garden a little. It was like a
'sick day' in that I didn't do much of anything. Some people might call that relaxing, but it was just long. There's always tomorrow. Pool, visit with my mom, and the counselor. A busy day. I hope your weekend was a good one for you, and I'll stop by soon.

01 November 2008

Saturday, again

I wore my track suit to work with sneakers! We're only allowed to wear sneakers when we're pregnant. Or in costume. I was comfortable all day! At times I took off my jacket when I was hot and had my sleeveless Nike top showing. Again, sleeveless not allowed, except in costume. I got to show off my toned arms. I got home after the trick-or-treaters. This was my first year not being here to give out candy. I felt bad seeing that most of my neighbors had their lights off, meaning no candy. Oh well.

I'm off and running to start my Saturday. And you know what that means. Have a great one!