03 January 2013

Vacation, ie, R&R

What a house, huh? It's where we stayed Christmas week. It was the vacation home of a client of mine until she lost her job here and moved there full-time. It's in the mountains in Western Maryland, not far from Happyone's Happy Trails. My client and her family were vacationing in Tahoe for the week and offered me the use of her house. It was very last`minute. I told her I'd find a way to make it happen, and I did. My daughter and I drove up on Christmas Day. My brother and niece arrived the next day along with a friend of my daughter's. Two more friends arrived the next day, and two the day after. At one point there were nine of us. So fun! We were in the outdoor hot tub once or twice every day. We ate well. We went snow tubing at the ski resort. It snowed at least a foot while we were there. I walked for hours every day and took a lot of pictures. If we're Facebook friends, they're posted there. It was just the kind of vacation I needed. R&R. I brought books I didn't read and movies I didn't watch. I just relaxed.

A view from the loft

Another view

Getting ready to go out

Lots of icicles

In the hot tub with my two oldest friends

Lakefront view

This last picture is one of my favorites. I spent a lot of time in those chairs, just listening to the silence.