28 February 2012

The girl who cried wolf

I'll have to figure out how to embed the album of my NY trip. It shows up for me, but no one else. I'm not gonna stress!

I can't wait till March 7th. It's the rumored date of the announcement of the iPad3 and I'm so excited that I'm finally getting one. Really...I am. I was so excited when the first one came out. I was definitely getting it. I wanted it so bad and everyone knew it. What happened? I couldn't justify it, though others told me I didn't have to. It wasn't just the money, it was because I didn't need it. I spent so much time coming to that decision. When the second one came out, I was definitely getting it. So excited! What happened after obsessing about it? Couldn't do it. Again. I just couldn't justify it. Who needs a iPad when you have a iPhone that does everything you need? And here I am again, with a pending announcement. This time though, I'm not going to think about it. No more crying wolf. I have a Apple Gift card and enough Christmas gift money from my clients set aside to pay for it. The only thing to decide on now is what to have inscribed on the back when I place my order.

26 February 2012

New York City

Don't you hate it when something that should be simple becomes overly complicated? I had the hardest time trying to embed a link to my Picasaweb album. I uploaded the pictures and filled in the captions two days ago to make tonight's post easy. So much for good intentions; I continue to be humbled by them. If you saw this album on Facebook, you can skip this one...it's a copy. If you'd like to see it, click on the photo, then view it as a slideshow. I put captions on most of the pictures and they tell the story of my New York City trip. It was such a great adventure!

23 February 2012

For the birds

I really can't believe how long it's been since I've written anything. How am I going to remember my life if I don't write about it? I'm going to try to do better. Famous last words! Have I ever talked about good intentions? Probably.

One of the things I was thinking of this morning as the sun was streaming through my windows was dust. The beautiful sunlight just highlighted the layer on my furniture. Where the heck does it come from? You couldn't tell I had just dusted a week ago. Dust is for the birds. And speaking of birds..I got a bird. Twice! I don't remember if I had my cockatiel Zeus when I started my blog. I loved him. He was the only pet I ever had and he flew away when I stepped outside without realizing he was on my shoulder. I'll never forget him and never let that happen again. One day last week it popped into my head that I might like having a bird again. A companion. Rob and I went to a pet store that breeds and hand-raises their birds, and I chose a bird that was beautiful. Emily was so excited! I had to go home to get my old cage and the three of us went back to the shop to get him. I was a little envious in the store with how good he was with Rob and Emily, but I knew I'd have plenty of time with him alone. Long story short, he would get on my shoulder but not ever let me touch him. All he did was try to bite me. I had buyer's remorse, but was determined to win him over. I brought Mango back to the store today for his 1 week check-up.

Not my finger

The store is owned by a husband and wife and this time the wife was there. I talked about Mango, and how all he does is try to bite me. I told her how loving Zeus was. She observed Mango with me. She held Mango and he was mean to her! We talked a lot about the care I was giving him. She could tell that I was trying really hard to do everything right. I was a little excited and hopeful when she gave me another cockatiel to hold. Right away this new bird put his head down for me to rub. He let me hold him and stroke him and get close. The owner told me she's never exchanged a bird before, but she wanted to do it for me. I'm so happy! So, so happy! They're going to re-socialize Mango so he can go to another home. Can we name the new bird Mango too?

Mango 2

I went to NY last weekend with my friend Kit. She asked a couple of weeks ago if I wanted to go and without hesitation I said YES! I'll write about it this weekend. I'm making a commitment here. I want to read all about it!