31 October 2011

It's the absent blogger

Hi. I'm still here! Bad blogger.

I just turned off my porch lights, signaling, "don't come to my house, trick-or-treating is over." I love to see the kids in their costumes, but his year the majority of the trick-or-treater's were in street clothes with either backpacks or pillowcases to hold their loot. I made them say, 'trick-or-treat' and if they didn't say 'thank-you, I said, 'what do you say?' I couldn't help myself. I also told the many who had an extra bag for their 'absent' brother, sister, baby, etc. that I was only giving to people that were actually there. To one teen, who came alone with no costume, I said, Really?? She looked embarrassed. Lots of the kids that come to my neighborhood live in a nearby low-income housing area, and are dropped off at a street corner, then picked up and driven to the next. It used to bother me till I realized that Halloween is for kids, and all kids are deserving of going out for treats. I used to love taking Emily out. She always peeked into people's houses and found something/anything to comment on, to start a conversation. Talk about precocious. She dressed up as Dorothy for many years.

I've had the show "The Sing-Off" on in the background while I've been writing. I've never seen it before, and the talent is amazing! Did I mention I've been a little addicted to television since I inherited my parent's awesome very large TV? Watching hi-def on a 52" TV is a whole different experience for me. I really haven't been on my computer much. I'm sure that will change. Nothing stays the same, you know?

I had lunch with Karen, alias Happyone, today. It was great seeing her and catching up. It's been at least a year since I've had fish tacos at Ram's Head Tavern, and they were as great as ever. Yum! I came home and mowed the leaves and then cleaned up a lot of my garden. It felt so good to be outside; I'm really going to miss that soon. Oh, if only winter could last weeks instead of months.

Till the next time....be well, be happy.

20 October 2011

Home from Vacay

Today was spent settling back home after a week of vacation. I've visited my friend Bernie in Cape Cod the past two summers but mixed it up this year with a Fall excursion. I also flew instead of driving and that was so much better except I didn't get to visit my Aunt Carolee in RI. Bernie and I vacation very well together! The Cape weather was mostly rainy, but not horribly so. I walked to the beach my first day there through 'pea soup.' I think that means extremely misty. It was still wonderful.

Bernie and I drove to Jackson, NH on Saturday to take in the beauty of the Fall Foliage. We had wonderful weather while there. Each vista was more beautiful than the next, and we saw three rainbows on our first day. We stayed at nice resort for two nights.

On Golden Pond

Minutes later, with a rainbow!

Back to the Cape for one day of beautiful weather before the drenching rain.

Bernie and I were supposed to spend my last day in Boston, but the weather was just horrible. We hung out at Barnes and Noble and went out to lunch instead. I took the 2-hour shuttle back to the airport, then had a much-delayed but pleasant flight home. Rob was there to gather me up and bring me home.

Tomorrow it's back to work. I'm in town for the long haul, and that's just fine, for now. Summer and vacation time will be here before we know it. After Christmas, that is.

09 October 2011


I wonder what I had to talk about in the early years of blogging that I don't have now? My life isn't that less interesting.

Let's see... Things are good with Rob and me, though we don't get to see each other often. He works Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10:30PM to 8:30AM. That's some schedule, huh? We usually see each other Wednesday night to Friday morning, but lately I've been working Thursdays or he's had plans for Thursdays. Despite our schedules, we're still going strong. Rob's been on a diet the last 7 weeks and lost 26 pounds. That's taken amazing willpower! He has 7 pounds to go to reach his goal, and he looks great.

Emily is busy with school and with her job as a hostess at a really nice restaurant. It's quite a change around here, getting used to her living at home, yet being an adult, of sorts. I can ask how school's going, but not if she has homework, tests, etc. Many is the time, in the beginning, that she reminded me that if she was living in a dorm I'd have no idea. It's hard for me to let go, and not worry about schoolwork, working too many hours, staying up too late, etc., but I'm trying. She's mentioned possibly wanting to transfer next year, and although I'll miss her terribly, I think living in a dorm is such a valuable experience, and one I want for her.

We've had awesome Indian Summer weather here in MD. I spent the day in Annapolis, though getting there was horrible because of traffic. A 20 minute drive turned into a 90 minute drive and I wasn't feeling very patient. A patio lunch at The Cheesecake Factory followed by a few hours outside with my friend Kit made it all better. I slathered myself with OFF! when I got home, mowed the lawn, and here I am in my favorite spot, the porch. Time for dinner, then a night of DVR'd shows. I'm so glad I still have a day of 'weekend' to go.