28 February 2009

Just a hi

I was going to say I'm getting ready for a day of work, but really I am ready with about 20 minutes left over for computer time. I probably mentioned that Emily has been sick. She missed 3 days of school! Her dad took her to the doctor's yesterday for the second time. They confirmed that it's not the flu, strep, etc... Did lab tests. Say it's just a really bad cold, but put her on a Z-pack anyway. She spent the night at his house last night and I washed all her bedding, wiped down everything with Clorox wipes, and have her windows open. I hope she comes home today or tomorrow feeling much better. I hope I don't get what she has.

Not much going on with me. I'm looking forward to work and then my lattes. Yes, plural. Another BOGO :))

BTW, it's Brad's birthday today, just in case you want to stop by and wish a favorite blogger a birthday wish. Happy Day Brad!

Happy Saturday.

26 February 2009

Yeah for good weather on a day off

Has it seemed like forever since I've blogged? It does to me. I'm sitting on my porch, thinking how in a few short months I'll be in this same spot and the garden will be in bloom and the trees will be green. Something to look forward to.

Seems we have a raccoon that likes the food on our deck. The first time we saw him/her was when he knocked down the suet feeder. What a shock to look out and see this very big raccoon. Last night Emily woke me up to look out my bedroom window. There he was emptying the bird feeder. I had a feeling he was the reason I was going through so much food. I'll be taking the feeder in at night starting tonight. Sorry raccoon.

Emily has some sort of virus, but the doctor said it's not the flu. She's spent the last two days at home, mostly sleeping. I hope she's better by tomorrow. I hate for her to feel bad and to miss so much school.

I've done my walking DVD for the third morning in a row. It's just a mile, and only takes about 20 minutes. I feel wimpy doing so little, but it's a start. I've come to the conclusion that I have to give up swimming until my shoulder recuperates. When it does, I'll do exercises to strengthen it. I'm glad to say that my knee is fine. Yeah! I went for a long walk this afternoon. I think it was in the 50's and it felt so good to be outside. I decided to rake when I got home, just to be out. My method is to rake lots of leaves onto a tarp, then drag the tarp to this area behind and to the right side of my back yard, and empty the leaves there. It's some kind of storm control field that filters water from the storm drains? Not meant to be a dumping area, but it's got lots of vegetation and trees and undergrowth and the leaves decompose. Right? Here's a picture from my deck.

I got a lot done and spent hours outside. It felt great to do some manual labor. It wasn't good for my shoulder, but it'll be OK. It's getting cold out and I'll head in to finish this.

I brought my car to the body shop this morning and got a rental car. It's a little no-frills Mazda 3. It feels very strange to drive a different car. I'm being so careful. In fact, I've been a lot more careful since I had my accident.

I actually sat down at the kitchen table today and read the Washington Post from cover to cover. That was a treat!

I'm making pizza, then I plan to start a new book. I'm going to try to stay off the computer. Try :)

Hope your day was a good one!

24 February 2009

Short and sweet

Ladeda, not much going on around here. Sitting in my quiet house, waiting to watch The President. I spent more time at Panera's today than I did at work. Too bad I wasn't paid for it. I don't remember the last time I had a day at work were I wasn't busy. The rest of the week looks full. There were a zillion laptops at Panera's...kinda crazy. I wish I had one of those little ones, just for fun. Just cause I like electronics. My iPhone counts as a little laptop, I guess.

Short and sweet. That's me. (Not really)

22 February 2009

Ho hum

It's been a while since I've hung out at a coffee shop on a Sunday morning. Lately I've been visiting my mom instead. I'll be doing that tomorrow. Maybe an early lunch at Old Country? My mom just loves that place. It's been months since we've been there but I bet we'll see the usual bunch of seniors. I'll eat much too much and regret it.

I haven't been swimming. While my knee is much better, my shoulder can't take the swimming, which makes me sad. Remember when I swam and walked all the time? I knew it wouldn't last, but didn't think it would be injuries that would cause me to fall off the exercise wagon. My knee is almost back to snuff; I need to make walking a priority. There's also no reason I shouldn't go to the 'gym' at my community center. It's mostly a time thing. I so admire people who take the time to exercise. I want to be one of those people again. I'll let you know if I get off my butt.

I made my first recipe from my new cookbook. Orange Chicken. It wasn't very good. I think I know what I did wrong. The chicken never browned or got crispy and I think it was because my pan never got hot enough. Emily liked it, so I'll try it again. I'm determined to do more cooking, but I'm limited by what Emily will eat.

Emily straightened her hair tonight and I took some pictures. Here's one. I can't believe how old she looks. I miss my little girl.

I think I'll skip the Sunday tomato picture. Not the most exciting blog subject around. You're not totally off the hook though, so don't worry.

I've watched lots of TV this weekend. I had a lot of catching up to do. I've mostly watched the Academy Awards. It's been a couch potato weekend. Boring. Maybe this is the February duldrums?

That's it. Not very exciting, huh? Mostly mundane.

21 February 2009

Top Beamsville Blogs

Why does Live Traffic Feed start with Top Beamsville Blogs? I checked on a bunch of blogs that use it and they all have Beamsville. Is it a Blogger thing? Where is Beamsville anyway? Maybe it would be a good place to visit?

I've been sitting here doing not much since I got back from my 2 latte visit to Borders. I had a coupon, you know. I can't resist a coupon. I bought a new cookbook while I was there: Fine Cooking Volume 3. I was reading it last time I was there and saw so many recipes I thought I'd actually try. I get the magazine and love it. I had a 40% off coupon. We won't take bets on whether I'll actually use it, OK?

I have my yearbook next to me, and I've been looking up old high school friends on Facebook. I searched Facebook first, then found them in the yearbook. Everyone looks so old! I think everyone needs to be on Facebook. If you have a Facebook account and I'm not your 'friend', e-mail me so I can add you. It's great seeing my blogger friends on Facebook. One more addiction to add to the others...

I think I'll watch some of the shows I've DVR'd. Exciting Saturday night, huh?

19 February 2009

Kinda boring

Just a little update because I said I would. I had a bridge put in today. No more hole in my mouth. I never really thought about it. I never saw it because it was on the side. One day I saw a picture of me taken from the side when I was smiling big. And I saw the hole and knew it had to go. I used to have a bridge but it was removed years ago because of a cavity in the tooth next door. The bridge feels weird and I have a 'toothache', but I'll be fine. Yeah for no more hole.

Emily had an orthodontist appointment. She really wants her braces off. No fun the first time. Less fun the second time around.

That was pretty much my day. Uneventful. Really fine.

Here's something eventful from Monday. I was leaving the grocery store. A SUV was parked at the curb. I watched the woman driver roll her window down, throw some trash to the curb, and raise the window. I was shocked. I started walking towards her, waving my hand to get her attention. She didn't notice me till I was about 6 feet away, and she rolled down her window. I said, I can't believe you just rolled down your window and threw your trash out onto the street. She said, what did you just say? I repeated myself. She said, you just mind your own business, and rolled up her window. I walked away really quick. It might have been a stupid thing for me to do, but I couldn't help myself. I'm not sorry I did it, but glad she didn't have a gun or chase me down.

Here's another random thing. I paid my Water and Wastewater bill today. I looked at my checkbook to see what it was last February. It was exactly 42 cents less. How could there be such an tiny difference? Other quarters there's been a $12 difference, or $8, but 42 cents? That's random.

I just watched 4 episodes of Private Practice. I'm bored.

Not really

I'm off to do some day-off running around. I'll write something real later. Really.

In the meantime, here's a picture of my grandmother and great-grandmother on my father's side, printed on tin. I'm going to see if I can have it scanned and made into a print.

18 February 2009

I shouldn't be surprised

I spoke to the insurance adjuster today to give my statement. When I was done she told me the neighbor is making a medical claim. I told her I was SO surprised. She told me I shouldn't be. *sitting here shaking my head* I guess the insurance company takes care of everything. I hope my neighbor isn't hurt, and I hope she's not lying, but I don't think she's hurt and I do think she's lying.

17 February 2009

Car trouble

My day off was marred by only one thing. Unfortunately it's the thing that has me awake when I should be sound asleep.

I got a lot of cleaning done yesterday. All the floors are done: carpet, laminate, hardwood and tile. I really, really dislike doing floors. It's hard on my right shoulder too. I love looking at done floors, though. I cleaned the kitchen, took the leaf out of the dining room table, finally, and cleaned the bathrooms. What a good feeling to have a clean house. Sure do wish I could hire someone to do the job, but probably wouldn't if I could. I'm just too frugal.

I left the house in the afternoon to make a quick trip to Columbia Mall before meeting six of my co-workers for a movie (He's Just Not That Into You). You know how sometimes you'll be at a traffic light and the light turns green for a left turn and you start to go even though you're going straight, then realize your light isn't green yet and stop? Well, I guess (know) I was distracted, wondering just which movie theater we were meeting at, and I went. Right into the stopped truck in front of me. A huge white SUV owned by a neighbor who lives around the corner from me. I immediately got out, to find that there was the slightest, barely visible damage to the back of her vehicle, to which I was very grateful. I hope they decide to do nothing about it, but we'll see. Then I looked at my car (Honda CRV). The black plastic bumper is cracked and broken in about 4 places. My hood is out of line. And it's all my stupid fault. I imagine I'll call the insurance company this morning. Everyone says your rates really go up, which makes me really hesitate. I had one very slight accident at least 6 years ago when my car slowly drifted into another at a traffic light, there was very slight damage to the other car, and that was forgiven. Oh well, in the scheme of things, it could have been much worse. Right? Right. Still, I'm sick about it.

I went on to the mall. Ran my errands. Went to the movies. I know it didn't get great reviews, but we all agreed we liked it. A definite chick flick. Five of us went out to dinner afterward. That was the best part--the conversations and camaraderie. Till it was time to go and I went outside to look at my car again.

So I've been up since 3:00 AM. I'm looking forward to the light of day. I'm sure it will put a better perspective on things. Till then, I'm turning off my light and at least resting my eyes. I'm not one to fall back asleep, unfortunately.

15 February 2009

The Sunday Times

It's Sunday, so that means you get to see my tomato plants (like it or not). The booklet said they like to be pruned, and I pruned away. Emily said the plants now look like broccoli. They do look like little trees.

Good-bye unproductive foliage

Hello pretty yellow buds

It was a really good day. I got an early start and hung out with my mom. We went to lunch at TGI Friday's. I had a great salad with pecan crusted chicken, mandarin oranges, craisins, etc. The place was packed at 1:00 with a lobby full of people waiting. It was good to see a thriving business when we see so many closed down. I stopped at the grocery on my way home, then picked up Emily and off to the mall we went. I called Macy's early in the day to see if they had a sheet set in green to exchange for one I bought in ivory. They did, and said they'd put it behind the counter. Unfortunately, they held the wrong color so I didn't get them. Emily bought (meaning me) a few tops from American Eagle. I bought a new case for my iPhone with a Christmas gift card from my friend Kit. That was the mall adventure. Here's some pictures we took at the Apple store.

We came home and Em had a typical kid's dinner before heading out to the movies...chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. I had *surprise* butternut squash soup. I made two batches last night to freeze. For the first time I made one of them with curry instead of garam masala, and it's my favorite. I'm sitting here with a glass of wine. Ahhh...Life is Good.

14 February 2009

It's alright

Home alone on Valentine's Day. No big deal at all. I did mean to buy myself some chocolate, but forgot. That's OK. I'm not really in the mood. I've done a bunch of cooking. I'm settled in with a glass of wine. Feeling tired despite the number of lattes I had today. I'm not telling how many, but I skipped dinner because of the calories I drank.

One thing I like about living alone is the lack of TV noise. I never turn on the TV unless I'm actually watching a show. Otherwise my house is quiet. I think I'd enjoy music, but I forget about it.

I'll be heading out to see my parents in the morning. I'll go out to eat with my mom. That's all the plans I have so far.

And that's life in my corner of the world on a Saturday night.

13 February 2009


I really should have blogged yesterday since I was off. Especially after my "jelly bean" post. Things are quiet on the home-front. That means I'm happy.

I dragged myself to the pool yesterday. Met my friend Sarah there, for the first time. It's really not a place to be social since we were both swimming and had only a few minutes afterward to talk. Maybe we'll do it again and water walk when we're done with the swim. I've never had anyone to go to the gym or pool with. It's what I'm used to, so it's fine, but yesterday was nice.

I went to Panera's for lunch. Then to school conferences. Emily is doing well and her teachers like her. I'm not surprised. She's friendly, funny and outgoing.

We watched a few episodes of Fringe. Then we heard a loud crash on the deck. We looked out to see a huge raccoon. The shepherd's hook that was holding the suet was laying on the deck, with the raccoon trying to open the feeder. I've never seen a raccoon in person, and we were both freaked out by it! I haven't had suet out in years and just put it out yesterday. That's the end of that. I don't want to encourage him/her to come back.

This is pretty boring, but I wanted to write something!

Anyone going out for Valentine's Day? I'll be staying in. What else is new?

Happy Friday!

11 February 2009

I love jelly beans, and sometimes I need them, and this is one of those times. Home stress=jelly beans. Oh well, I have chocolate. Things had been going so well, and I hope that despite the words spoken today that they'll be back to good again soon. What a hard job this parenting thing is. I can't even imagine what it's like to be a teenager. One day our kids will be parents and I hear that some of them even apologize. That would be a gift.

I'm settling in for a night of TV and reading, with a little laundry thrown in. Relaxing. I'll be back for real soon.

09 February 2009

This and that, again

The party was so much fun, and I'm so glad I was able to make my sister's birthday one to remember. There were 17 of us there, and a good time was had by all.
Party pics

Time for the weekly tomato update. This picture was taken last Sunday

This Sunday. I had to move it for the party, and raise the lights one notch. And I have my first bud!

Here's what the front of my house looks like.

This is what it looked like last April. I can't wait to see color again.

I made the Butternut Squash soup again. Here's the soup before pureeing and again after. Yum! Let me know if anyone wants the recipe.

I really did mean to write a post, not just post pictures, but I don't have time anymore. Emily and I are going to TGI Friday's for dinner. If you go to bradsdeals.com, there's a buy one get one entree free coupon. So, we're off!

08 February 2009

This, that and party

I've been busy getting ready for a party I'm throwing for my sister Lisa. Her birthday was January 27, but we're celebrating the big 50 today. Any birthday that ends in an "0" deserves a party.

I'll post pictures tonight, hopefully.

Emily asked if I could bring my clippers home so her boyfriend could get the buzz cut that he really wanted. The cut I did on him earlier this week was just to hold him over. Emily was the cutter and boy did she have fun! I felt like she was finally getting to make up for all the Barbie dolls I never let her cut. She did the haircut and I finished up the edges. We all love the look! And I just noticed, I think he loves that sweatshirt too.

Back to work for me. Enjoy your Sunday!

05 February 2009

And so it goes

I've really been slacking with blogging lately. I'm sorry. I haven't been around to comment, but I promise I won't be making a habit of that. As soon as I write a few words I'm getting into bed for an hour of reading.

I got a few things done today. Wrote some cards. No, addressed them. Cleaned all the counters and toaster oven. Big woop. Made some phone calls. De-cluttered the family room, kitchen and dining room table. Hung some pictures. Ironed a very large dining room tablecloth. That took a long time. What took the longest, though, was ironing my new dust ruffle. I'm a perfectionist and it had 5 box pleats that I ironed and pinned. I couldn't help myself. Then I had to take off my mattress and everything else that goes with putting on a new dust ruffle. I grocery shopped. I made dinner. I cut Emily's boyfriend's hair. Check out the before and after.

I liked his long hair, but what he really wanted was a buzz cut. I didn't have my clippers, so this is what he got, for now. He looks like a different person! Emily really likes it short. He said his parents will be really happy. I should have told him to brush his hair away from his ears and muss it up around his forehead before I took the picture. The haircut looks better in person.

I didn't do so much today. I'm looking at the two days of unread newspapers. I really wanted to read them. Oh well. There's only so much time in a day.

Later, friends.


I'm staying home today to clean and cook and get ready for the party I'm throwing on Sunday.

I'm staying home today to clean and cook and get ready for the party I'm throwing on Sunday but I'm only running around in circles and getting NOTHING done. And it's not even the computer that's holding me back. It's total disorganization. I want it to be 8 AM again. Please?

02 February 2009

Moan, groan...

I don't want to go to the pool. I mean really. I want to stay home and get stuff done around here. I really, really don't want to go. But I'm posting this and I'm going. Wah, wah.

These pictures were taken one week apart. I pruned the main stems of the plants, after the 5th branches, a few days ago. They're growing like weeds. The water basin is filled with roots. I'll post a new picture once a week. It's still entertaining.

Moan, groan, time to put on the bathing suit...