27 June 2013


 I know it's been a very long time since I've written. We all go through phases in life and at one point writing was what I did all the time. I loved writing every day and I still consider my blogging friends to be my real friends. You know that you are.

It's summertime, so you know that I'm sitting on my porch with the fan blowing on me, looking for hummingbirds, with a smile on my face. Life is good. Today was my birthday. Again. I feel really great. I just wish that time would slow down. A lot. I turned 57 today. I find that so hard to believe. I remember being so excited to turn 13 and finally be a teenager. I remember being so excited to be 16 because I could swim during adult swim at the pool. I'm excited to be alive  and healthy but I'm not excited about getting older. I think that's normal. I hope I have a lot of good years left in me.

If you follow me on Facebook you know I've become quite a walker. Not like Happyone, but I've definitely got the bug. It's really all because of Sparky. I walk him before work and after. I use the free app SportsTracker, and I've become very competitive with myself. I've clocked 300 miles in the last 2 months. Sparky is a good walker, and walking makes us both happier. I don't think he's lost any weight, but I have. I need to eat more so I don't lose more. What a problem to have! I've also been swimming as much as I can. And riding my bike. So I feel healthy and happy.

Things are peaceful around the house these days, thank goodness. I'm feeling so much better than I did in the winter. I thrive on nature being alive.

I'm going on vacation in a little over a week to N Myrtle beach. So excited!! For the first time it's going to be my two sisters and me. No kids! No responsibility. Only R&R. I'm counting down the days!

I'll sign off now, but I'll be back. I promise I'll never give this up.