22 March 2007

Good Morning. I should be getting ready for the day. I will just as soon as I post this.

Lone Grey Squirrel has a great post on his blog about his salon experiences. An interesting read along with the comments. I guess some people don't like getting their hair cut. I see all the people who do. Most really love getting their hair shampooed. I do. For a lot of the clients I see, they love the opportunity to just sit. For the most part, they can't multi-task. (I do have one client who works on her laptop every time she comes in.) They have someone that they like, me, giving them undivided attention. And, because we see each other on a regular basis, we have a history. We have a relationship. They sit, we talk, we listen to each other. It's good. As I've said many times, I'm really grateful for all the great clients I have. They've seen me through all the events in my life.

Today's going to be crazy busy. First I'll go to the car place because my vehicle needs some kind of fluid that needed to be ordered. Then I'll go to my Mom's. I'll take her with me while I run some errands. Then we'll go to Kit's and all go to lunch. My Mother's favorite thing to do. Emily has an orthodontist appointment right after school, then we're going to the mall so she can look at a dress she saw. We'll get something to eat there. By the time we get home it will be time for Ugly Betty and Gray's Anatomy. Now what kind of a day off is that? See why I like going to work? I only have to do one thing on those days. La de da.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Wow. Thanks. What a surprise! Now even more people will know my dark secret of guilty pleasure on the stylist chair. :)

Amanda said...

Unfortunately, I have long standing issues with hair cutting, because the bad experiences have vastly outnumbered the good ones so far. I usually end up praying for it to grow out soon. So I love reading about a hairdresser who likes her job. It gives me hope. :)

I know what you mean about the clients. It's great, like one big happy family, but sometimes it gets so cosy, that I'm actually thrilled to sell to someone new! :D

Andrew said...

I hope you had a great day with your mom. I thought of you as I and mom were sitting down at Captain D's eating our fish platters on our usual Thursday night out. My mother loves nothing more than eating out as well. Take care, Cheryl!


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