29 March 2007

I'm sitting outside on my deck. It's warmer on this side of the house with the full sun beaming down. That's one of the reasons I'm out here. The other is to keep the starlings and squirrels out of the feeders. I'm a big deterrent. It's not as warm as it's been and my toes have been cold all day in my sandals. I started my day getting my car serviced, and that was chilly. I went to my parent's house and my mom and I went out for an early lunch at Old Country Buffet. It's been a long time since we ate there, and the couple that always sits across from us were at their usual table. I have to think that a lot of people have a daily meal there. The senior citizen price for lunch is $7.09. It opens for business at 11:00 AM. The food is really fresh,the salad bar is well stocked and there's always a wide array of food-baked, fried and sauteed. It's probably the main meal of the day for a lot of the patrons. My mother didn't know I was coming over today and was so happy when I told her where we were eating. It made her day. I've mentioned before that my mother's greatest pleasure is eating out. My younger sister's diet choices are different than mine because she's very strict with what she eats. (I should be a lot better, believe me. The pounds have been creeping back up.) My sister wanted to go out with my mother recently, but my mother said no to every place she suggested, and every place my mother suggested, my sister said no to. My sister told me this. So, a few days ago I called my mom to talk to her about it. I told her that she could find something to eat wherever she went, and that she should just go wherever my sister wanted. My mom said OK. I was IM'ing with my sister yesterday, and she said, I thought you talked to mom about eating out with me. She said no to every place I suggested. So I called my mom and said, you're missing out on a night out of the house by not agreeing with said daughter. We talked about this! So, she agreed, and they went out. I asked her today how dinner was. She said just OK. Oh well. I tried.


Amanda said...

I hate "restraining" myself. Especially from cheese. I don't think I can live without cheese. So I walk, a lot. :)

Sometimes folks don't feel like going someplace no matter how great it is. I hope this phase will pass soon for her.

Andrew said...

Aren't moms something else. I and mom go out to eat every Thursday and we always eat at the same few restaurants. She never wants to change. I would like to be adventurous sometimes! Maybe, your mom will come around sooner or later.


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