06 March 2007

I've always been one of those people who got their photos developed right away. Never an old roll lying around here. I have my digital pictures printed and put in albums. I will not tell you how long I worked on my photos tonight. How long it took to upload them to tabblo. How I deleted what I thought was a duplicate draft. That was 'the' draft. So, I'm giving up for now and I'll do the pictures when I'm over this.

Before this news get to be too old, I'll write about the trip to Charlotte. The shuttle to the plane was so efficient. The plane ride was smooth. No luggage to pick up meant I had only to walk out the airport doors and into my sister's car. We went directly to South Park Mall and spent the next 8 hours there. My sister and I have never shopped together and we made a great team. She bought about 6 'maybe' dresses for her son's wedding in May. I told my sales associate that I needed a dress for the wedding, that I'd like it to be on sale, and told her my size. She brought all kinds of outfits to the dressing room. That was fun. I think I wrote in a post that I bought 2 dresses for $14 each. We had our make-up done, ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Shopped till we dropped. We didn't check into our hotel room till after 8:00. We spent the next morning exploring the city on foot. If we hadn't stayed in the city, we would have missed so much. The city is small enough to explore. We had breakfast at a great soul food place. I don't think we could have made a better choice. We eventually made our way back to the hotel, then to another mall. This one was Concord Mills, an outlet mall. I live near Arundel Mills, so it was pretty much the same. We went back to a restaurant in the city for dinner. We relaxed at the hotel for the rest of the night. I don't think we used the TV except for one morning. Monday found us back at South Park mall and The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. All too soon, it was time for the plane ride home. That smooth journey completed the trip.

My sister and I loved our time together. I wish we didn't live 600 miles apart. The memories we made are ones I'll cherish.

I decided to go ahead and make a slideshow of pictures. Like I could go to bed leaving this post unfinished. Right!


Texas Mammie said...

I was out blog hopping and came across yours. It's enjoyable to read your entries.
It sounds like you and your sis had a good time.
Just thought I'd tell you that you had a good, readable blog. That's a hard thing to find anymore, what with something like 175,000 new blogs started everyday.

Have a good week,

carmilevy said...

I feel inspired reading this entry: how lovely that you were able to share this experience with your sister.

I found your link on Susan's blog and followed it home. So glad I did!

All the best,


captain corky said...

I love the The Cheesecake Factory. We have so much in common Cheryl. I just know that this is the start of a beautiful friendship. :)

Amanda said...

Just loved the pictures and the update! I could tell you are sisters right away. You both have the same beautiful eyes and glorious smile! :)

Anonymous said...

I like walking a city too, and I'm sure it helped work off some of the Chesesecake factory from you!

My favorite walking city around here is Victoria B.C.! It was made for walking, a beautiful city on an inner harbor of the San Juans. You can take an express ferry from Seattle to Victoria (2 hours)

Glad your home safe!

Andrew said...

You can definitely tell the family resemblance between you and your sister. Thanks so much for the photo slide show and taking the time to make. I found the music relaxing and the pictures were great. Cheryl, you have an eye for photography.


PS - Glad your home safe. Have missed you while you where gone.

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