05 March 2007

I didn't promise this...

It's Monday morning. I'll be flying out of this wonderful city later in the afternoon. I'm taking a moment to write a short post. Just because.

My sister and I have had a wonderful time together. We will so this again next year. The hotel is great, but... I opened the TV cabinet and was happy to see a keyboard. Yes! It was true. Until I started going through the menu. Then I found it was $9.95 to use the Internet. I'm not sure for how many hours, but I decided this was a vacation and could be from the Internet too. That was fine. I did check my mail at the Apple store in one of the malls. Last night I asked the front desk if it would be possible for them to print my boarding pass for today's flight. They said I could do it myself in the business center room down the hall. Wish I had known that. I'm here now, with two computers, a printer, large windows, bookshelves, every kind of office supply. Nice. So, last night I go to print my boarding pass. Remember the problems I had before leaving when I tried to get them at United instead of US Air? That was not going to happen this time. Well, I tried, and tried and tried. I got an error message every time. I was beyond frustrated. It took forever. Finally I read that there was a problem with the airline and to try later. This morning I see that the system was shut down due to US Air and another airline that are joining forces. That was the problem. So, I now have my boarding pass in hand and will have an easy entry to the airplane.

I have been a picture-taking fool. You'd think I was making a documentary. I'll post them later.

Two malls down, one to go. I did buy a dress for my nephew's wedding rehearsal and a dress for the wedding. They were on deep clearance and I got them for $14 each. That alone would have made the trip a success.

Hope all has been well with you, my friends. More later!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Glad the trip was a good one. $14, that is a great deal! Looking forward to the pictures when you get a chance to post 'em.

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