14 March 2007

Is anyone else having a problem with Blogger? The post I wrote tonight vanished in a flash. I usually write in 'edit html' mode, then check it with 'preview'. The preview feature isn't working. When I clicked on 'compose', I lost everything I wrote. Thank goodness I wasn't long-winded with what I had to say. I was writing about the great pre-spring day we had out here. It's just such a relief. I sat outside for almost 2 hours after work, talking with my neighbor and watching our girls kick around a soccer ball. It got into the 70's today. One more warm day then it's back to the 40's. So this is just a tease. That's OK, we needed it.

I'm off tomorrow and have a busy day planned. I'm meeting my Dad at the service center I bring my car to. I'll leave my car there. I'm going with my parents to an estate planner. She's a lawyer who also writes a weekly column, Senior Moments. I've heard she's great, and my parents really need to get their affairs in order. We all should. After that, my Mom and I will go out to lunch. We missed out on doing that last week, and it's my mother's favorite thing to do. From there, I'll visit my friend in the hospital. I'll be home by 3:30 when Emily gets home from school. It will be a whirlwind of a day.

Well, it's almost time for Lost. I finally caught up with all the episodes I'd missed, so I can watch it 'live'. I'll catch ya later.


susan said...

Before I switched to WP I used the option to post directly from word. It was some little thing you clicked and it worked ok. Even those lovely times it didn't post I still had my copy. If they still have it, you might want to give it a try.

Sounds like you have a busy day planned tomorrow, have fun!

Amanda said...

Glad to hear the weather is improving over there. It's been heavenly the past days, hopefully a taste of the amazing summer to come.

Have a great off-day. :)

Anonymous said...

I was on almost all day yesterday and notice they were making a lot of changes in the "background". You might have gotten caught up in a "hiccup", for lack of better explanation.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I miss your face. I'm glad I had a chance to see it before you changed your profile pic, however, it's totally up to you what picture you use. I just wanted you to know that I like the way you look.

If you wanted to, you could add the picture under page elements so that only people that visit your blog could see it.

I always speak my mind, and that's what's on it right now.


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