15 March 2007

I hate it when I don't know how to fix a problem. It's frustrating. I just sent a message to Blogger Help Group to see if they can help me with my posting issues.

I started writing this post sitting on my front porch. Thought I'd enjoy the warm weather. It got so chilly that I had to move inside. I'd say its dropped 20 degrees in the last few hours. We're expecting rain and ice tonight and rain and snow tomorrow. That's just cruel.

I went with my parents to see a lawyer today. Ever since my father fell and suffered a head injury 2 years ago, us kids (my brother and 2 sisters) have been meaning to get them in touch with an estate planner. We were so unprepared when he had his injury. My parents didn't have a living will, a medical directive, etc. No one had the power to write checks. My father made a complete recovery, thank goodness. Finally, today, we got the ball rolling to get their affairs in order. The lawyer I found limits her practice to areas of Elder Law, including wills, powers of attorney, trusts, Medicaid, asset preservation, etc. She was wonderful. She'll draft new wills and take care of documents like power of attorney and executors of the estate. We'll have someone to tell us kids what to do if/when one or both of them needs nursing care. How to protect some of their assets. What to do when a parent dies. I'm feeling very relieved. I also plan to get my own act in gear and will see her to draft a will for me. I've put that off long enough.

My parents and I ate at our favorite Chinese buffet for lunch. Mom and I eat out all the time but it's unusual for my father to be with us. He can control what he eats at home, but has no willpower in restaurants, especially buffets. As an eyewitness, I can tell you he can eat an embarrassing amount of food. My mother, a good eater herself, is very slow. Last time we were at the buffet, I told her no more 'small' food. Because of her stroke, she can only use one hand. You don't realize how much you need both hands to eat. Think of trying to get rice on your fork. She chases food around her plate, trying to get every bit on her fork. It takes forever. So, between my slow but intent mother and my hearty-eating father, lunch took forever. I thought of leaving them for a while to shop at the grocery next door. I really wouldn't have done that but it did take a lot of patience to just sit there. That was a few hours ago and I'm still full. I bought some huge shrimp for dinner. Emily will enjoy it. I think it will be salad for me.


Emily said...

Hey mom-- I didn't enjoy it. It's making us both sick :[

ileneroses said...

Sounds like a very productive day. I had a good laugh when you talked about the Chinese buffet. Very descriptive!

Dave said...

Your experience reminds me of what my parents and I are presently doing. My father was in an auto accident two years ago which caused a certain amout of dimentia which was later diagnosed as an oset of Alzeimers. My mother got their financial affairs in order along with the wills, powers of attorney and whatever else ready before things got worse. We are now looking into retirement and nursing homes. All the best in those decisions you make.

Megan said...

So glad you saw a good attorney. These things are important if for no other reason than peace of mind. I have a living trust myself. I figured that I didn't want my folks to be screwed if I should die earlier than expected. It's just nice to have that security. Good for you.

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