18 September 2007

Finally home after a long day at work. The day actually flew by. I was busy with all good clients. Now I'm home and hungry, but it's too late to eat dinner, and I'll just have to be satisfied with my granola bar and dried fruit. I hardly ever eat dinner when I work late. If I had someone to cook for me I'm sure I'd be saying something different.

Someone from Dell left a message on my home phone saying that the part is in and they could set up a time to fix my laptop. I'm bringing it to work tomorrow in the hopes that they'll call and be able to do it there. I'm not anxious, am I?

Well, time to do some reading. Sorry for a boring post.

heiresschild...I have AOL and you need that to get the "You've got mail" greeting. You can even pick the voice that says it. I've got Drew Barrymore.


Martha said...

Long day here, too. I ate a sandwich at 4:30pm--between the end of the day at my regular job and before my teaching job. My husband surprised me with a big piece of pie when I got home a little while ago. Fattening, but yummy. I hope you get your computer fixed tomorrow!

Jay said...

A granola bar and dried fruit? I'm not sure that's enough nourishment.

Andrew said...

I am looking forward to read about my friend's day. I hope you had a good day today and didn't work too hard. I've had a good day and feel well. Aren't those days the best? Take care of yourself and tell Em to give us a post sometimes as well.


heiresschild said...

thanx cheryl. no AOL here; i have verizon DSL. sigh! i have an award for you on my blog under "who needs the emmys...

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

that's cool! Hello Drewwwwwww!! :)
This was a cute post..definitely not boring!!

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