06 September 2007

I'm taking a chance here...I'm on the chaise on my deck with NO bug spray.

Here's a picture of what I spent hours on after I finished my first post of the day:

If any of you work in an office and spend your days doing paperwork, I salute you. It took so long to fill out the rebate forms. Can you tell that there's 13 envelopes there? Each one needed a copy of the receipt. With certain things circled. Some needed copies of bar codes, some needed originals. Some needed model and serial numbers. Some needed them all. They all went to different addresses. Some things, like the Berlitz Premium Spanish software, had 3 individual rebate forms: $10, $10 and $20, making the product free. I bought 6 things that had rebates attached, and I had to mail in 13! Geez...I'm going to think twice before I purchase anything else that's 'free after rebate.' I mean, did I really need the highlighters just because they were free? They weren't really free after the envelope, stamp, and ink used in making copies of everything. Will somebody remind me? The forms and all the copying took up a huge chunk of my day. Then I had to register my two extended warranties. Then, somehow, in July I agreed to join a Shopper's Advantage club and some other kind of club they were hawking on the phone. You know, free 60 day membership and you can cancel before then and not have a monthly bill? I called to cancel both, though they tried to get me to stay with incentives. So, all that 'stuff' kept me busy, and before I knew it it was 5:30.

To change the subject completely, Jamie from 'Grace,too' once asked her readers for their thoughts on replying to comments. Interesting subject. When I know a writer responds to comments, I always go back to see if they responded to mine. I love when they do. Some of Jamie's readers felt it was rude for an author to respond to some, but not all. I can see that too. I don't feel like I have the time to respond to all my comments (not that there's that many), and since I usually don't reply, I don't think people check back. If they do, I don't know it. If a specific question is asked, I'll go to their blog and reply. So what to do? I think I might just address questions in a regular post and see how that goes. I know, long winded. If I were in school, I'd probably get a 'C' for this paragraph.

Happyone asked me if I'm still walking. Darn, I've been outed. I've been a total wimp and I won't say how long it's been since I've strolled.

A few people asked me about Emily and her sports. She made a decision today to drop out of softball. As much as she loves it, it was just too much with starting high school and playing field hockey. Her dad and I support that. Field hockey is kicking her butt. She's running miles, doing sprints, and who knows what else. She is so sore. She looks especially cute in her uniform. I'll have to get a picture of that. Her first game is tomorrow.

I got a call from my doctor yesterday. She's the best. Everyone in this part of the county knows her, and if she's not their doctor, they wish she was. Her practice has been closed to new patients for years. I'm never giving her up. She looks you right in the eye when she's talking to you, and gives you all the time you want. She doesn't hesitate to order any tests that she feels are necessary. Anyway, she got my lab results, and even though I was taking the wrong dose of my medication, it was the right dose, because all my levels are correct. So I'll keep on taking it. I feel better because she didn't feel any nodules on my thyroid, but I'll feel much better after my sonogram. I took my vitamins an hour ago and I still feel like they're stuck in my throat.

Well, that's the end for now. It's been a good blogging day. And only one mosquito bite.


Martha said...

Glad your lab results are looking good! And those rebates--whew! You have a lot of patience. Of course, if it meant I would be getting money, I'd probably have more patience, too.

SpringMist said...

Good morning!
Glad u are okay!

2 sports is really a lot to handle I guess. Field hockey is cool.

I try once in a while to answer my comments but u are right. Usually, people wont know whn we are answering and whn we are not. So they may not check back. N I am lazy sometimes :)

Hey Cheryl, I heard of Microsoft student Encarta Premium software tht suitable for high school. Maybe u want to buy tht for the new computer. I do not know how good it is though :)

Dave said...

I can relate with the rebate forms. My problem is with procrastination!! I lost out on over $250 in various rebates last Fall because of it!

I like the stores that allow online rebates... Now those ones I do right away!

Happyone said...

That was a lot of rebates but you sure saved a lot of money!
About the comments. When someone new leaves a comment I will go to their blog and leave one to acknowledge their visit.
To comment on a comment I will usually go back to their blog and leave it there thinking they will be sure to see it. Though I have at times answered some on mine too.
I don't think it rude not to answer everyone because some comments just don't require a comment back.
If everyone commented on every comment where would it end? You would be commenting on comments that you left comments on. Your whole blog would be comments. :-)
I guess there is no right way because everyone is different. I think we can all agree that we all like it when people leave comments, where ever they leave them. :-)
Before you know it the weather will turn cool and it will be perfect weather for you to start walking again. I think I'm addicted to it. I love my walk!!

Portia said...

glad to hear it was good news...or now news, which is still better than bad news, from the doctor.

paperwork IS a major bore, but when you have 8 hours a day to do it, it sure helps those hours go by! no fun at home, though. there's always something better to do.

i agree with you on the comments. everyone is different and i don't expect everyone to be the same when it comes to commenting. no worries here, anyway:)

wishing emily good luck on her first game!!

Lucy Dee said...

Yeah, I totally know what you mean. Envelop stuffing should be it's own Olympic Sport, with a handicap for paper cuts.

Nice coming across your blog. Feel to stop by my corner of the blogosphere. I'm a standup comedienne blogging her way to stardom. New and insightful comments are always appreciated.

Summer said...

Rebates are the work of the devil. It feels that way anyway.

Comments on blogs are just that. If someone asks a question it's always good to answer it. I'm not offended if the author doesn't comment on my comment.

Good news from your doc!

heiresschild said...

hi, i'm here via dave's (in my head) blog. i'm an avid blogger, so i answer everyone's comments. for me, it's like you've visited my home, so i respond back (yes, i'm completely sane). the majority of times, it's invidual answers, but every now and then, depending on the post, i'll do one general answer before i do a new post.

i see you're a hairstylist. i have my cosmetology license, but i didn't like doing hair (except mine and my daughter's). i do plan to own a shop within the next 1-2 yrs.

oomi said...

quiet nice!

Amanda said...

I don't blame Emily for giving up the one sport. Sounds like she's got plenty on her plate right now.

Even though it's so much cooler we have more mosquitoes than ever. I think I saw 30 of them in the cellar today. Perhaps they seek shelter form the cold. Ugh. =)

I hope you have good news soon!

Lynx217 said...

You're lucky, I can't even sit outside for 15 min without getting eaten alive without my bug spray! And every one seems to be leaving a little rash too!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

that's awesome, one bug bite~ :)
With comments I think it shouldn't matter-it's our blog and however we decide to manage it it should be up to us. I feel as though some make it out to be a popularity contest therefore feeling slighted when one comments over "there" But not over "here.." The last time I checked, we weren't little girls in cliques, right? :) hee-hee..granted there are still those grown females that feel the need to alienate others...drives me crazy.
Anyhow, if a blogger wants to do it their way, than that's the right way-and if the readers don't agree? then it's up to them if they want to stop over and visit. Chances are the majority of us are posting things just to help ourselves relieve stress..
whew...longwinded..we'll catch up later.
Now, please, I need a new hairstyle..HELP ME!! :)

azure said...

Hairstyles! Don't get me started! I'm trying to do something different with my pathetic too thin lousy hair. My family won't even says it looks even a little better.

I was going to encourage Emily with her athletics. My daughters have always enjoyed their involvement on teams on all sorts of levels. One of my daughters is a scholarship softball player at a ranked D1 college program. Another plays on an extremely low level community soccer team which hadn't won a game in 4 years. They both were equally important.

PS thanks Cheryl for the comment on my blog. I get so excited when I get a comment

jAMiE said...

I am still falling behind on responding to comments...but i mean well. I aim to stay up tonight (well ok, i cant sleep, nerves, so i'll respond to all then)

Hope you are well Cheryl.

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