27 September 2007

I have a bird on my shoulder. A co-worker's neighbor was trying to retrieve his mail when a gray cockatiel landed on his shoulder. Can you imagine? He walked his neighborhood with the bird on his shoulder, knocking on every door, trying to find the owner. No luck. He put out fliers. Some of you might remember that I had a cockatiel that I loved and lost. I thought I'd go see this bird, just in case. Of course, it wasn't my bird, but this family didn't want to keep him/her any longer, so for now, he's here. I'm going to put ads in the local papers, the Pennysaver, and Craigslist. There's got to be a family out there that's frantic to find their pet. He likes me OK, but seemed to love the man who found him. His owner must have been male. He seems to like electronics. He just hopped down to my keyboard, which I thought was cute, till he pooped on it. Fortunately bird poop is easy to clean up. Now he's walking all over the remote control. Better move him before he poops on that.

On a sadder note, Emily's hamster died yesterday. Her boyfriend called to say that something appeared to be very wrong with him. We went over to see, and I just knew he was dying. He passed away a few hours later and we buried him in the backyard.

Kind of uncanny how we lost a pet and gained one.

Time to get up and going. I'll try to post again later...


Billy said...

Aw, how sad. The bird is pretty. I had one once. Too loud for me.

Happyone said...

Sorry about Emily's hamster. :-( It's always so sad when a pet dies - no matter what kind it is. Good luck finding the owners of the cockatiel.

Portia said...

that is uncanny. i am sorry for the loss of the little friend. i knew a lady who found her cockatiel when he was about an inch and a half, just a couple ounces, on the side of the highway!! can't remember how she caught sight of him, but she kept him and loved that little birdie like crazy.

Andrew said...

I'm kind of hoping you all keep the Cockatiel. He would have a wonderful home. Do you adopt people? I promise I will go to A.A.

Ilene said...

That is amazing! Your bird flew away and another bird flies into your life! I hope you get to keep him.

Amanda said...

What a lovely bird. Perched on Emily's shoulder he looks like he's always been there.

It was meant to be then. :)

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Wow..that is crazy..talk about timing..
the bird reminds me of Ben, my baby..strong, with tiny hairs sticking up..
I'm okay if you keep him and call the birdie Ben..gentle ben..cause he seems to be that way!
The bird, I mean. :)

Sarah said...

I'm wondering if it gives you a feeling that Zeus is still out there somewhere too?

I never believed he was "gone". In fact I still hear birds outside that remind me of him and I have always believed that he's out there somewhere (not in the woods, but with a new family, being loved).

Sorry to hear about your hamster, Em. :(

Miss you guys.

Call me and tell me where your next game is!

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