20 October 2011

Home from Vacay

Today was spent settling back home after a week of vacation. I've visited my friend Bernie in Cape Cod the past two summers but mixed it up this year with a Fall excursion. I also flew instead of driving and that was so much better except I didn't get to visit my Aunt Carolee in RI. Bernie and I vacation very well together! The Cape weather was mostly rainy, but not horribly so. I walked to the beach my first day there through 'pea soup.' I think that means extremely misty. It was still wonderful.

Bernie and I drove to Jackson, NH on Saturday to take in the beauty of the Fall Foliage. We had wonderful weather while there. Each vista was more beautiful than the next, and we saw three rainbows on our first day. We stayed at nice resort for two nights.

On Golden Pond

Minutes later, with a rainbow!

Back to the Cape for one day of beautiful weather before the drenching rain.

Bernie and I were supposed to spend my last day in Boston, but the weather was just horrible. We hung out at Barnes and Noble and went out to lunch instead. I took the 2-hour shuttle back to the airport, then had a much-delayed but pleasant flight home. Rob was there to gather me up and bring me home.

Tomorrow it's back to work. I'm in town for the long haul, and that's just fine, for now. Summer and vacation time will be here before we know it. After Christmas, that is.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home. Your pictures are gorgeous and your postcard came today!! Thank you, thank you for always remembering me. I LOVE New Hampshire and it was a pleasure revisiting the place through your eyes!

happyone said...

Welcome back. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. You took some fabulous photos.

Leann said...

The pictures are stunning. I'm really glad you had a wonderful time Cheryl. Fall in all of its colors is incomparable to anything else.

Blessed by friend.

Damon said...

nice post

Anonymous said...

Love these photos, Cheryl.

-Rich from Beantown

Jamie said...

Oh such beauty! You have talent with the camera, girly.


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