31 October 2011

It's the absent blogger

Hi. I'm still here! Bad blogger.

I just turned off my porch lights, signaling, "don't come to my house, trick-or-treating is over." I love to see the kids in their costumes, but his year the majority of the trick-or-treater's were in street clothes with either backpacks or pillowcases to hold their loot. I made them say, 'trick-or-treat' and if they didn't say 'thank-you, I said, 'what do you say?' I couldn't help myself. I also told the many who had an extra bag for their 'absent' brother, sister, baby, etc. that I was only giving to people that were actually there. To one teen, who came alone with no costume, I said, Really?? She looked embarrassed. Lots of the kids that come to my neighborhood live in a nearby low-income housing area, and are dropped off at a street corner, then picked up and driven to the next. It used to bother me till I realized that Halloween is for kids, and all kids are deserving of going out for treats. I used to love taking Emily out. She always peeked into people's houses and found something/anything to comment on, to start a conversation. Talk about precocious. She dressed up as Dorothy for many years.

I've had the show "The Sing-Off" on in the background while I've been writing. I've never seen it before, and the talent is amazing! Did I mention I've been a little addicted to television since I inherited my parent's awesome very large TV? Watching hi-def on a 52" TV is a whole different experience for me. I really haven't been on my computer much. I'm sure that will change. Nothing stays the same, you know?

I had lunch with Karen, alias Happyone, today. It was great seeing her and catching up. It's been at least a year since I've had fish tacos at Ram's Head Tavern, and they were as great as ever. Yum! I came home and mowed the leaves and then cleaned up a lot of my garden. It felt so good to be outside; I'm really going to miss that soon. Oh, if only winter could last weeks instead of months.

Till the next time....be well, be happy.


Leann said...

I am waiting on my trick-or-treaters. So far I've had one who was about a year old dressed in an adorable frog outfit :-)

Enjoy your evening! It's good to read what you've written again :-)

Noofy said...

You're a better person than I Ms. Cheryl! We stopped giving out candy a few years bag. We would get between 2-5 trick-or-treaters (after I bought bags of candy). The following year, reduced the candy purchase. Same number of kids, only a year older. In the condo we used to live there were some subsidized families. We saw the same thing you are describing, only they barely spoke English. Sounds like a wonderful day you had - lunch with Karen and then some gardening clean up. Happy Halloween!

happyone said...

I enjoyed our lunch too. I've yet to try fish tacos!
I agree with you - winter should be only a few weeks!!

Lynx217 said...

winter should be banned!
We never get any trick or treaters here... think it's because one lady in the complex stands out at the sidewalk with the treats so kids don't come any further... thank goodness. Especially this year because we were on vacation and didn't get back until nearly dinnertime on halloween.

Martha said...

I've been a bad blogger for months...I'm getting back into it though! I like winter, but not months of it, so I wish it was just a few weeks, too. Halloween was a good time, too--I scared some teens who tried to steal a whole bowl of candy off the porch!

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