19 December 2011

Ho Ho Hello

It just seems like I dropped off the face of the earth. I'm still here. I'm just in that category of 'occasional' bloggers, now.

My holiday party was a little over a week ago, and as usual, it was a lot of fun. Emily and Rob were huge helps to me in the set up, and Rob, especially, as a host. The house is just now (with a little help from the occupants) reverting back to some clutter. The newspapers and TV guides can only stay in the laundry room so long! Still, it's pretty neat in here, and I do love seeing the house all dressed up for the holidays.

My shopping was finished up last week, so there's really no stress left. Actually, the shopping was fun. I'll be having Christmas Eve dinner with my parents and sister at The Annapolitan. Emily and I normally spend Christmas morning together, but I'm not sure what will be happening this year. I'm going to my neighbors for Christmas dinner. Kelly has always extended an invitation when I didn't have any other plans. Rob works every weekend, so he won't be around for Christmas or New Year's. It will all be low-key for me.

I had to bring my car into the shop today because of a very bad oil leak. It was streaming. I also had to rent a car, something I've never had to do before. I've always had my parents car as a loaner. Paying for this car repair, whatever it might be, in addition to the rental comes at a bad time of year, especially following paying for half of Emily's new rebuilt transmission. I reminded myself again that it's a car problem and not a car accident. You have to look at the sunny side.

I'm on a quest to scan old family photos. I can't wait to find more.

Ho Ho Ho!


happyone said...

Enjoyed looking at your old photos. You are easy to pick out in all of them. I'd know your smile anywhere!! : )

Anonymous said...

I think we are all in the catagory of occassional bloggers now. I was just mourning the loss of our little "blog" world.. . sigh

I'm sorry,(ashamed really), that this is my Christmas Card to you. Afterall, you took the time to "Old School" it and send me an actual Christmas Card!! My one and only this year! The dying art seems to be almost complete. I will forever mourn the end of snail mail. Thank you. Thank you for that Cheryl.

The filigree of life is finely woven with the souls that we encounter along the path. You are a BEAUTIFUL addition to my life's path, even tho we've never even met. Your amazing spirit is my inspiration, your Joy is infectious !!

Merry Christmas Cheryl

Mo said...

I too will have a low key Christmas and New Years. The older I get, the more I appreciate times like these.

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Rick Rockhill said...

love these photos Cheryl! Hope you are enjoying the holidays.
All the best,

Lena said...

I enjoyed looking at your photos!

My husband has scanned all of ours and I think they look even better when I see them on the computer screen.

I agree, houses never looks better than at Christmas!

Happy New to you Cheryl.

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