11 March 2012

Mango's Big Day Out

Last week when I was at The Annapolitan I showed my mom's table mates videos of Mango. They enjoyed it so much that I told them I would bring him in next time I visited. That was today. It was such a wonderful experience! I carried him around to all the tables in the dining room so the residents could see him. Mr. Mango brought a smile to all. A number of residents have dogs and cats, which is another reason this place is really like home. I bet they'd love a bird like Mango.

Mom's table minus 2

This is Carol. She's great

Sylvia. It was love at first sight between her and Mango.

Dear Old Dad

I think Mom tolerated Mango

You know how when, for instance, a daughter has a baby and it's nice to see the daughter but it's really all about the baby? I think that's how it's going to be now with me and Mango. I have a feeling my popularity has been usurped.

Emily was the next one to visit with Mango while I went shopping (and sampling) at Whole Foods.

Next I saw a friend who lives around the corner from me in her yard so I pulled over and Mango visited with her grandkids on the sidewalk (in his cage) while we talked. Another neighbor walked by with his daughter, who sat on the sidewalk and talked to Mango.

Finally I went home, but it was so nice out that I put Mango's cage on the driveway while I got some fresh air and played Words With Friends.

Mango's been resting up for the last few hours. It was a big day out.


Retired Knitter said...

I do the same thing at my mom's assisted living... except I bring my kids dogs. They are regular visitors. They sleep on my mom's bed, visit with the others who live there and act like they own the place.

It is great fun for all.

happyone said...

Mango is quite popular. : )

Josie Two Shoes said...

What a delightful visit for Mango and all his new admirers! It was so sweet of you to do this. Animals have a way of connecting with people of all ages and situations. Just looking at the faces in the pictures above, I can see it is a day they'll be talking about for awhile, and eagerly waiting for the next visit!

Noofy said...

Mango is certainly making new friends!

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