08 May 2012

My time of year

This is the first time I'm using the new Blogger template. That shows how long it's been since I've written. Part of the problem is that I hardly use my laptop anymore. I'm always on my iPad and I never use it to input more than a few lines of text. Really Cheryl, how hard is it to take out your laptop? I'm also not keeping up with blogs because I prefer to use Reader on my laptop. I'm spoiled by the ease of using my iPad, but clearly it's not good for everything. That said, it's still amazing.

 I'm just home from work and sitting on my porch. It's a little humid. The birds are singing. The garden is lush. My neighbor is filling his lawn mower with gas. The peacefulness is about to get shattered.

So, not much is going on around here. When I'm not working and the weather cooperates, I'm in my garden. Spending a fortune on mulch, compost and plants. I'm so sore I could hardly sleep last night and work today was hard! My body feels like it went through the spin cycle of a washing machine. I've planted the last three days in a row. I'm so glad the plants are in and that my body will recover before I plant some more. The reward is right in front of me. Worth it. My latest hangout (besides coffee shops)  is the grounds of the Naval Academy. The landscaping is so beautiful. The trees are so old and so big and there's such variety.  I've taken my mom twice and we stroll around and sit on the benches. I went there with my sister Lisa on Sunday. Everyone in my family enjoys the outdoors. I'm so glad that it's Spring. My life feels all-around better when everything is green and I can be outside. Like now.

Time to read some blogs. I will catch up!


Andrew said...

Google Reader works excellently on your iPad as well. I like it better than the normal program. I am still in absolute love my iPad and I have the 1st generation 2 years old iPad.

Marsha said...

Nice to read you!!!

Lena said...

I have my i pad and I am the same way. I never set up the laptop anymore, unless I have my work one at home.

I did get a keyboard for the i pad so I would be able to type more. It is nice to have, but you have to charge it on a regular basis. I guess I am just lazy because I have not charged it for weeks.

Thank you for all the supportive comments on my blog. I read all my comments over and over when I need more inspiration.

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