11 March 2013

Why, hello

I don't know what's so hard about writing, or why I don't do it. I've spent a tiny amount of time thinking about it. I've come to the conclusion that there were too many things going on that I couldn't write about that were having a big impact on my life. My mother was a big thing, and I did share about that, but I don't want this to be about her and her falls and the impact on my life. She's doing fine, btw. No more pain. As healed up as she'll ever be after breaking her femur. She's wheelchair-bound now, which means no more falls, hopefully. I ended my relationship with Rob after 3 years years together. Talk about a big decision! Rob is really a wonderful guy, and I have no regrets about the time we spent together. I just didn't see a future because of the many differences we had. We talk occasionally, and wish each other much happiness. Life at home has been, um, difficult. Thats not new. It's been better and it's been worse. I'm optimistic that one day it will be great. In the meantime, I try to practice the serenity prayer :-)

I've become the primary caregiver of my daughter's dog Sparky. Isn't he a cutie? I've never liked dogs. I never, ever, ever planned to have one. I'll admit he's grown on me. He was probably put in my life for a reason. My daughter loves him, but its the age old thing. Child promises to take care of pet/parent inherits the job. It's a good thing he's good-looking. He's in dire need of training classes.

I've joined a few Meetup groups to expand my social circle. I went to a happy hour at place that had an Eagles tribute band. They were pretty good. It was so loud that conversation with the other members was impossible. I sat in my chair and tried to look like I was having fun. I did go to each table during the break and extend my hand to each member to introduce myself. Pretty brave, huh? Everyone was very friendly, but I felt very out of place. I will go to another outing with them, but not where there's a band playing. I joined another group that a friend belongs to and RSVP'd to a potluck dinner for this past Saturday. I made cheesecake. Unfortunately I was very sick on Saturday and had to bow out. I RSVP'd with a hiking group for a newbie hike this past Thursday, but was sick for that too. I'm waiting for an event to open up for a 20 mile bike trip in June. I have a lot of training to go for that one! I love the concept for Meetup. It's not a dating site-it's a way for people with similar interests to get out and do stuff.

On February 6 my boss, mentor and friend, Mason, suddenly passed away. A month later, I'm still in shock. I'm so thankful for the 26 years we had together. He had a whole lot more living to do, and life isn't the same without him. His wife Pam has run the salon for years, and thank goodness we have her. The salon is called Mason and Friends, but it could easily be called Mason and Family. I think we're closer than ever.

I'm looking forward to spring. I'm SO over appreciating the beauty of the bare tree limbs against the sky. I want green! Leaves and flowers. I want to swim and ride my bike and kayak and hang out by the water. It's getting closer to that every day.

And that's it for now. I did it! I wrote! Ladeda!


Josie Two Shoes said...

It is so good to see you writing here, it's the best therapy in the world! I had noticed that Rob hadn't shown up in anything on your FB lately, so I surmised that had changed. I know it took a lot of courage to make that decision and I'm proud of you for doing what's best for you. The right one will come at the right time. The doggie, I'm not a fan either, but Sparky is so darn cute! They just require a LOT of care, which is why I am a cat person. Is this a permanent assignment or will Sparky have other digs some day down the road? I can only guess how hard it was to lose Mason, definitely family after all those years together, and its just never easy. You've had A LOT of changes to deal with across the board in your life in recent months, and I understand that a lot of it just doesn't belong out in such public forums. I think you're doing fine just holding your own, one day at a time. Spring is coming, and then Summer... your favorite season, soon we will be seen new photos of flowers and toes, and I just know you're going to be fine. Sending prayers and hugs your way!

Forsythia said...

Thanks for the update. A lot's been going on in your life. It's always hard to lose a good friend and a mentor.

BTW, was your Mom taking Fosamax by any chance?

pattycakes said...

wow a lot has been going on in your life hasnt it, i know i seldom write but i love your blog and found it thru 4th avenue blues , andrews blog , i just love your pics and stuff , i am sorry for all your troubles , i kind of figured it had to do with your mom , you sure have had a stressful year and before havent you , hugs to you and when you get out in the sunshine it will make u feel better , as for your doggie , i think all he needs is a lil training , im sure hes very smart and wud prob love to go on long walks with you also, keep up your good attitude and know u are are loved by so many , have a good day :)

C.A. said...

Cheryl...I just sensed a lot was going on with you. Believe me when I say I understand. Please know I am thinking of you and sending good thoughts and prayers your way, my friend.

Big hugs.....

PS...the dog is going to be a blessing to you...he's adorable!

Lynx217 said...

Odd I was just thinking of you a week or so ago! I understand totally life getting upended, my roommate - who was a dear friend and had lived with us for 7 years - died about 6 months ago and we too are still in shock and trying to adjust. They say time heals all wounds but I call whoever "they" are liars. Time merely takes the edge off of the pain. The key is learning how to live with it. That's just me though. Hope you find your way through everything. Missed ya!

Lena said...

I have been guilty of not writing for awhile as well. So good to see a post from you! You sure have had so many changes going on.

My condolences to you on the loss of your boss. It sounds like it was sudden so I can imagine it was such a shock to everyone. It is nice that you and co-workers bonded even more during this time. It helps everyone to re-group when you have such good support.

It sounds like you are keeping very active as always. Such an inspiration!

Take care, Cheryl!

Andrew said...

You made my day when you wrote a blog post. My only window to your world is what you write on your blog. Thank you!

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bettyC said...

Sooo nice to see u here. I think cats r more work than dogs.
Dogs need to be fed, loved and walked. Walking is good for u.
Cats need their litter cleaned and it gets all over the place.

They both love u and greet u when u come home. I guess it's a close call as to which is better. Just enjoy Sparky and don't give him back.

Noofy said...

It was good to see you at the get together. I hope you can make more of them, they are such fun. You should write more, you've always inspired me, no matter what the topic. I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

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