21 November 2013

Did you hear the one about...

I should just jump in and pretend it's not been ages. I will. To start anyway. I went to a gym, my new gym. LA Fitness. I haven't gone to a gym in ages. In the 80's I was talked into buying a lifetime membership with no dues ever at a gym that became Bally's. I went for a while, but payed for my membership for much, much longer. I moved and it wasn't convenient to go and that was that. I went a few years back when I was looking for an indoor pool in the winter, and it was OK, but not convenient. I need convenience. I've been pretty active since April and started thinking of a gym again. I knew there were none with pools that I could afford, but thought if I could find one with classes, I'd participate. One of the gyms I checked out was LA Fitness. It has a pool! Lots and lots of classes. Big and clean. As the salesman was showing me around it popped in my head to tell him about the lifetime membership I have at Bally's. He stopped, looked at me and said, I think I have good news for you. LA bought Bally's two years ago. I now have the same exact benefits at LA that I did at Bally's. I could have done a dance! I went today for my fitness assessment. My BMI and other stats are all good. I've been feeling very fit and healthy. Well, my 'trainer' took me to the matt to do some core work. I was humiliated. Let's just say I have no core. She told me I did great because I didn't give up. Anyway, she really did a hard sell on personal training. I completely see the benefits, but there's no way I can add that into my monthly budget. When I was done with her I worked out on some of the machines. The ones with directions I could understand. Then I went swimming. That is my love. I only swam a half mile. My ususal in the summer is a mile. I know I need to work up to it. It felt awesome. I went in the hot tub, and then in the sauna. Then I showered and got ready to go. My goal is to go 3 times a week. That may not happen during the busy holiday season, but it's definitely doable. Yay!! 

Life is good, as per usual. Things are calm around here. My daughter turned 20 last month! To think she was only 13 when I started writing. She's living at home and working hard. Work is still great, and the perfect job for me. I never tire of it. Not to say that I don't enjoy my days off and vacation. Speaking of vacation, I had a very busy summer. I went to Myrtle Beach in June for a week with my sisters. 

I went to a resort in Southern Maryland on the western shore of the bay 3 times. Twice were overnight trips and once was for two nights.

 I went to Ocean City, MD for 3 nights and to Stone Harbor, NJ for 2 nights.

 In September I visited Happyone in Accident, MD.

In October I went on vacation by myself to Deep Creek Lake for 6 nights. I stayed in the same house I was in last Christmas. The house I love. I hiked, walked, read, used the outdoor hot tub and ate a lot of pizza. Time went by way too fast. That's all the trips I have planned for this year, though I'm really looking forward to seeing Happyone and her husband again sometime in the near future. I love spending time with them.

I've been dating, but I'll save those stories for another day. Ladeda!


Annabel said...

Oh, come on! You can't give us that teasing last line. Do tell about the dating!

Forsythia said...

My gosh, you LOOK so GOOD!

happyone said...

I was surprised! but nice to see you a post from you. : )

SOUL said...

Yay !!! You posted !!!! And it was a great read !!! Your life has blossomed. Ummm sparkied even. :)). Yeh, i know, i think i spelled that wrong, but what else is knew, right? :))
Great seeing you at my place. Just GREAT ! ;)).
Stay happy, and plan one of these trips to Tejas sometime ... :)). The search for Walter continues ... Maybe he has your name on him?

SOUL said...

look what happened to 'me' ugh .. my whole 'sloth soul self is gone' --- you are computer savvy aren't you? i now have ads on my blog and my sloth is gone -- and all i wanted to do was get back to google reader - which seems to have been discontinued :(( hmmm... ok . i'm calm. just wanted to let ya know -- this is the same as the sloth - just in dog clothing - kinda :) happy saturday :))

Josie Two Shoes said...

I read this and thought I had commented, but obviously that is a figment of my imagination, so I'm dropping back by to say not only how delighted I am to see you back with us, but even moreso by the wonderful, active, lifestyle you've adopted. You are one of the few people I know who says and truly is happy with themselves, their job, and their life. Attitude is everything and you show us how it's done! Now about this new boyfriend.... tell us more!!! :-))

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