22 November 2013

Part of the present

The best part of having Sparky in my life is that he got me walking. Getting the SportsTracker app on my phone helped a lot too. It made me competitive with myself. I walk Sparky 6 mornings a week, at least 3 miles each time. Back when it stayed light like it should, I walked him at night too and would often wind up walking 6 or more miles a day. The app on my phone tracks any activity that can be tracked by GPS. I rode my bike a lot, kayaked 4 or 5 times, hiked and swam. My goal for the year is to complete 1,000 miles. I'm up to 934.32, but who's counting? I didn't think I had it in me. If I get up and get dressed right away and get out, I'm good to go. I can't procrastinate or it won't happen. I do a lot of thinking when I'm walking. Right now, I think about relationships past and present. It's just what my mind goes to. I listen to music and most music is about relationships, right? I haven't come to any conclusions about my feelings on relationships except I miss being in one. It's interesting being my age and dating. The first guy I dated from an online site read all kinds of books about being successful in relationships. I found that intriguing. One was how to clean up your looks. Do you have a good haircut? Any unnecessary facial hair? How about whitening your teeth? Trimming your nose and ear hair. Etc. He read the Five Languages of Love and other books on relationships. That was all good, but he was intolerant and judgemental and talked a blue streak but didn't listen. The good thing about him was he got me into hiking and we biked and walked together and he was a good cook. Too bad he was also a jerk. I went out with him for 3 months that should have been 3 weeks. How did I go from walking to dating? There's a segue in there somewhere. 


Forsythia said...

Couldn't help but smile at your portrait of the intolerant jerk who read beaucoup de relationship books! :-) Please keep blogging regularly. You're a ray of sunshine.

KathyA said...

Of course there is!! Walking is so good for introspection. I'm sorry he was a jerk. Next time, maybe you'll have a heightened 'jerk alert'?

There's someone out there just for you! I know it. And your activities this past few months are truly impressive.

SOUL said...

i am loving to see posts from you here --- could it be ? are we actually gettin our groove back?
i have missed you --- all this time --
ps- i am so proud of your daughter ! and of YOU too :))

SOUL said...

pps -- i think you need to update your profile :)) jus sayin :)) time flies when the kids grow up :((

C.A. said...

I'm in the same boat, Cheryl. It's hard dating at our age. I've promised myself to not settle for less than what I know I want. Sometimes it gets lonely, I know, especially this time of year. I am thinking of you, my friend. :)

Josie Two Shoes said...

You will remember that six years ago I did the rounds of online dating... quite an education in the best of bs slingers, which is what it sounds like you hooked up with. Knowing all the right answers and putting them to use in your life, is two different things. One can read all the books and spout all the right words, and be no where near what makes for a good relationship. Check out the quote I posted about husbands on FB last night. It's a great shopping list. I think it works equally well in "shopping" for a good woman. I actually did have a "shopping plan" when I met John... to find the exact opposite of the three men I'd married... I did, and it worked out beautifully! You are a wonderful catch for any guy, he would be so blessed, and I believe he's out there waiting! Keep looking! :-)

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