12 May 2016

Does anyone use Flipboard? It's one of my favorite apps on my iPad. My home screen features Cover Stories, People, Oprah, Wired, Engadget and...Ladeda. For two years I've seen the picture of my cousin Brian and me, sitting on a couch. I've given a little thought to writing, but knew I probably wouldn't keep up with it. In a way I'm sorry I ever stopped. I did write for myself, really, and for many years it was a journal of my life. It's a wonderful thing to have and to look back on. Many things have changed since I've written, yet much remains the same. Life is good! I have my same great job. I just celebrated 29 years at Mason and Friends. I'll stay there till I can retire. I'm thinking 7 or 8 more years? My daughter is 22 and has mostly lived on her own since she was 18.She's doing great. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I met kayaking. I'm living my best life now.

So this is my start. Maybe if I take it slow, I can be steady.



Josie Two Shoes said...

I was so delighted to open my Bloglovin reader today and see your blog pop up with a new post!! How wonderful to see an old friend return and doing so well. We've both come a long way, and have done a lot of living since we first began here! When I read "I'm living my best life now" I smile, because following you on Facebook has shown me how happy you are, how active, and there is someone who has put light in your eyes! I hope you do stop by to update us more often, this blog will be a treasure to your daughter someday. I am so surprised when I go back to read my posts from years ago and see how much I've changed, how much my life has changed in ways I never thought possible. Life is indeed good my friend, have a wonderful summer! XOXO

Cheryl said...

Hi Josie,
So wonderful to see a comment from YOU!

Lena said...

Hi Cheryl, Good to hear that you are doing so well. Wow, your daughter on her own since age 18! Good for Emily! Just stopping to say hello!

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