25 April 2010

Can't/Can have that DQ Blizzard

I'm sitting on the couch after a long day. It's my only plan for the rest of the night. Really.

Rob was playing with a band at church this morning and I went to the 9:00 service. I like the church. The minister is charismatic and handsome and British. The music was great. This is the second church band that Rob's played with there. Not having much experience with churches, I think this one is pretty unconventional. They serve bagels and donuts and coffee in the lobby and people bring it in and eat during the service. There's always live music. It's casual, with a real sense of community.

I went to the rehab center afterward and was surprised to see my sister Lisa and brother Steve in the dining room with my father. We talked and read the Sunday paper. I was the last one in and the first to leave. I did some major food shopping afterward, something I rarely do. I'd picked out a recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook and only needed a few ingredients. You know how that goes...you go in for a few things and find lots of things that you need. I came home and made lasagna, and put it in my neighbor's big freezer, uncooked. Then I made PW's Comfort Meatballs. As I was browning them, I remembered why I said, a long time ago, that I'd never make home-made meatballs again. You burn your fingers turning them, and grease spatters everywhere. I don't know how many times I said, as I cooked, I hope these are good because I'll never make them again. There were 4 of us for dinner and we all liked the meatballs, but I'll really never make them again. I'd make the sauce for frozen pre-made meatballs. I'd make the sauce to put on a meatloaf (something I never make). I'll never make meatballs from scratch again. I got the cookbook from Bonnie for Christmas, so I was glad to finally use it.

My friend and co-worker Joyce came with me last night to a fund-raising dinner to benefit a woman's half-way house. I was going because Rob was playing with the band. Joyce and I had a great time together! I had planned to go by myself; not knowing anyone. I'm SO glad I invited Joyce.

Those meatballs really were greasy. I'm sitting here, wishing I'd had chicken instead. If I'd had something light for dinner, I'd go to Dairy Queen for dessert.

The end.

Not the end. Emily and her boyfriend just came in from outside and asked if we could go to Dairy Queen. I pointed out the title of this post. Then I decided I could handle a Blizzard after all. Especially since it's the last day of buy one, get the second one for 25 cents.


KathyA said...

At least you showed some restraint and got a small one!
How do you always burn your fingers while cooking meatballs?
I don't brown mine on top of the stove -- I bake them -- and slightly under cook them because they finish cooking inside the sauce.
Good idea to have invited Joyce! At least you had someone to dance with...

Lena said...

Even with baking meatballs, it is time consuming. I throw in the frozen ones and everyone likes them just the same.

It sounds like you and Joyce had a great time, how fun!

Forsythia said...

Always room for a DQ Blizzard. Meatballs from scratch---as Tony Soprano would say, "Fageddaboutit." When did Carmella Soprano ever bother with making her own meatballs?

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

That DQ Blizzard sounds good - unfortunately I don't have a Dairy Queen near by. As for meatballs from scratch, I never have made them and doubt if I ever will. So much easier to buy frozen ones.
Glad you and your friend had a good time at the dinner.

Susie said...

I've never liked meatballs...something about the texture of them. At least my fingers don't get burnt.

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