19 April 2010


So glad it's a sunshiny day that's headed into the 60's. We got spoiled by last week's heatwave. At least, I did. Most people around here complain that we went right from winter to summer. It's pretty common for people to say that. Every year. I don't think you'll ever hear me complain about the heat. We'll see. I'm loving every moment of seeing all the green and colors of spring! I'm off to run errands. Happy Monday!

An artsy garden view through the screen window.


Jules said...

Good Morning Cheryl!! Love your camera creativity this morning.

As always, I turn to you for a positive slice of life to start my day. You never let me down. Go have yourself a magnificent day!

happyone said...

I like this sunny day too. I don't complain about the heat either. I freeze all winter long.
My sheets are drying in the sun on the line right now! :-)

Diane said...

That's a very interesting photo. I wonder if one could use that method to make cross stitch charts.

I am also enjoying the beautiful sunny and warm weather.

Blessings from Alabama,


KathyA said...

I'm longing for the warmer weather, too! And yes, everyone around here says that same thing. Every year.

Forsythia said...

You just reminded me once again that it's time to put out the hummingbird feeders. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl - I have been a fan/reader of your blog for a long time now. Always enjoy reading about you and your family.
I am an old gal (70's) Husband and I live in the Austin/Kyle, TX area.
Love that picture - just different enough to be very interesting. Jet XXXOOO

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