14 October 2010

Making up for lost time

What's up with me and TV? It seems like my go-to thing every day. I've always had favorite shows, but hardly kept up with them. Now it's like, what's on the DVR tonight?

Where to start? My client Betty told me she was disappointed about one thing. I was worried that she was going to say something about the way I was doing her hair. She told me it had been over a week. I immediately knew what she was talking about. My 'week of blogs' that I last wrote about that's been way more than a week. Sorry.

So, what's been happening here? Well, my daughter turned 17 on the 5th. That's so grown up! Here's a few pics...

Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory a few days before.

Wearing the crown for the 17th time. It's getting harder and harder to make her wear it. Next year she'll be away at college and thinks she won't have to wear it. Not!

Here she is wearing the crown for the first time.

On a much sadder note, I've had two friends lose their sons to suicide this month. I'm just heartbroken for their families. My hope for these troubled kids is that they're finally at peace. I'm dismayed that they felt it was the only way out of their pain. I've spent a lot of time thinking of what my friends are going through right now. I've spoken to Emily and her boyfriend at length about the subject. It's a tragic epidemic. My Aunt Sandra also died this month, from lung cancer. Her husband died from the same disease. I hadn't seen my aunt since I was very young, but feel so badly for her children. If you smoke, you really should stop. Smoking is a killer.

I did a lot of traveling last weekend. Emily and I drove to Georgetown, DE to attend my neighbor's wedding. She and her new husband were junior high and high school sweethearts. They said good-bye at graduation and Kelly went to college and Mike to the Army. They married other people, but those marriages ended in divorce. They reconnected through classmates.com.

1978 Junior-Senior Prom

2010 Wedding

My sister Lisa and I went to the Color Fest in Thurmont, MD the following day. It was a gorgeous weekend. The leaves were just beginning to turn. I've never seen so many crafts in one place. It was nice to just look and not have to buy. I have enough stuff. The food was great. All I came home with was Kettle Corn!

Work has been good as always. Lots of great clients. Lots of new clients. Lots of hair, hair everywhere. I love my job.

I was finally able to make it to one of Emily's field hockey games on Monday. They're having a winning season. Emily scored 3 goals on this game. We parents are very, very vocal. Last year they didn't score till the next to the last game. This year is a very big deal for us.

Can you spot my daughter's big smile?

Today was a busy day. I drove to Baltimore for some fun (not) tests. I had a pelvic sonogram...nothing worrisome, just to check on an existing fibroid. It was not easy drinking coffee then 32 oz of water then having to wait an hour for the sonogram. Next up was the mammogram. Easy. I'm just glad I don't have tiny boobs. From there I drove to Bethesda to have my permanent crown put on. Finally. It feels strange in my mouth, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Emily called when I was finishing up to ask if I could bring her practice clothes to school since the game was canceled. Did I mention I did all this driving in the pouring rain? I drove home, then to her school near Annapolis. I did some shopping afterward, then settled in for....TV!

Now it's time for bed. See all that you missed? Are you saying ho hum? Stay tuned for my next post when I tell you how I've become an HVAC expert.


Jules said...

Are you serious?? You pack more into one day than I accomplish in a month!!

I love Emily's Crown! It's a great tradition that she will always carry on. Don't think she doesn't cherish it.

No mention of Rob in this elusive update. Is all well in love's paradise?

I do miss your posts. Kisses and hugs from the other side.....

Golden To Silver Val said...

Emily is such a beautiful young lady! I love the crown tradition and down deep she does too...you'll see. You do pack a lot into a day, that's for sure and I must commend you....I can't believe you went to a craft show and didn't buy a thing. I surely would have bought something (therein lies my problem). You want some weird TV...try A&E's lineup....especially Swamp People and Billy the Exterminator. I have to give them credit for being able to do those things. I love The New Old Christine too....she's as funny as ever. We do need more comedies I think. I've missed you too....glad to see your post.

happyone said...

Happy Birthday a bit late to Emily.
So sad about the deaths.
Nice to see you posting again. I've missed reading them.

Leann said...

It hurts to realize how fast they grow up. I love the crown. Tell her 18 is her last year to wear it. :-)

KathyA said...

I would NEVER "ho - hum" you!

Well you've certainly been busy!! Lots of joy intermingled with such remarkable sadness.

I think Emily should wear the crown at her wedding! But don't tell her I was the one who said that. :)

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