28 January 2012

Special in my own way

Time for my every-once-in-a-while blog post. Why now? No clue.

I went to BAM after work today. Books-A-Million. They took over my Borders, and I'd been there once or twice before the holidays. I was happy to see that it was pretty busy inside. I got my favorite latte and sat down with a iPhone magazine, just like in the old days. Me, who thought I knew my iPhone pretty much inside and out, learned about 15 new things from the magazine. I'm so happy. I've missed out on a lot of knowledge since Borders closed!! I plan on making BAM my new after work hang-out on Saturdays. I'm excited. Those who know me know how much I loved Borders and now I have a good replacement.

My sister Ilene from GA is in town to spend a lot of time with my parents, and she's staying with me. It's been so nice to have a house guest! We met my brother and sister Lisa for dinner tonight at a huge Chinese buffet, Teppanyaki Supreme Buffet. It was a gluttonous place! I can usually do some damage at buffets, but I haven't had much of tolerance for food since I had the stomach bug earlier this week.

Speaking of that...yuck. I've never had the stomach bug, and thought I was kind of special because of that feat. Serves me right. I really thought I had an immunity. Many, many people at my parents assisted living have had it. There's a warning sign when you enter the building, but I wasn't worried. I spent two days in a row visiting and got it right after that. Now I'm part of the club, woohoo. I hope to be able to say, "I've only ever had the stomach bug once in my life." Would that still make me special?


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl- I enjoy your posts, I always look forward to them! -Rebecca

Lena said...

Hello! Glad you found a new hang -out! Good for you. Nice to have a house guest and spend time with your sister.

So sorry to hear you were sick. Stay well!

Noofy said...

Good to hear that you've got a new place to visit since Borders closed down. Gotta love the new hangouts! I've had food poisoning, worse than the stomach bug....I think. Hope you're feeling better soon!

happyone said...

Sorry to hear you were sick but glad you're feeling better now.
I like BAM better than Borders.
Enjoy the time with your sister.

Retired Knitter said...

I haven't been to BAM yet but will now need to check it out.

Sorry to hear you were sick. Those stomach virus are just terrible. I so hate getting them.

Leann said...

It is unfortunate that they get so sick in the homes. I'm glad you are feeling better tho!

"Professor" M. said...

Long time since looking at blogs...thanks for yours...sorry about your stomach bug...I just got over one and it was ridiculously "sick". Happy Valentine's Day!

Marsha said...

Hello! Hello! Is anyone out there? Is Ladeda out there? Miss your blog! Just saying!

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