21 May 2012

My time

I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't spend time outside. It saves me. Fills my time. Entertains me. My happiness increases the moment I'm able to be outdoors. If I were to look back on what I've written the last 6 Springs, they would all probably sound so similar. Like now. I'm sitting on my porch on a beautiful evening. There's a breeze and a coolness to the air. The birds are so loud! My garden is so lush. I'm waiting for the hummingbirds to make their rounds. Life is good. Really, those things are all it takes for me to be happy. Any stress or worries are out of mind. I typically stay on my porch till the lights come on at 8:30. Sometimes I stay later. I do wonder what my neighbors think. There's Cheryl again, they might say. Doesn't she have a life? Well, it's a pretty solitary life, but it's a good one, and I keep myself amused. A lot of the times, it's on the porch. Little porch at that. I'm a firm believer that life is all about simple pleasures.

I've done SO much work in my garden this year. It's looking fantastic (if I do say so myself). It's cost a lot of $$$, but the payoff will be huge. I finally got the last of my zinnia seedlings in the ground yesterday. Probably at least a hundred of them! I just got up to look and someone (maybe the baby bunny I saw 10 minutes ago) bit off the top of one. I'll be so mad if they get eaten! I planted over a hundred seedlings at my salon, and the neighbor girls planted some in their garden. It should be a riot of flowers this summer. Stay tuned!

I probably mentioned that I discovered the grounds of the Naval Academy when my sister came to town in April. All this time I've lived here and never knew how wonderful it was. I've hung out there at least 5 times since then.  I love the huge trees and shady paths and large expanses of lawn. The landscaping is beautiful. The architecture is majestic. I got off work at 3 on Saturday, and thought, OK, now what? I changed into shorts and drove the short distance to Annapolis, then walked to the Academy. Turns out it was the night of a formal dance for the second-year midshipmen. The men (boys) were in their dress whites and their dates in long gowns. They were everywhere. How fun for me to see all that! I sat on a bench and watched the midshipmen, and couples photographing their babies, and daters walking, and a photography class taking pictures, etc. Did I mention it was a perfect weather day and night? I stayed there a few hours, then walked to Main St. I got an iced Americano (my new favorite drink) from Starbucks and a salad to go from a Mexican place, then sat on the dock, people-watching and looking over the bay, and eating. I finally left when it was dark. I'm so thankful I can find things to do alone that can make me so happy. I'm so thankful that it's Spring!

It got a little cool and dark out so I'm back in he house. I'd love to add pictures, but if I start on that, I might never push publish, so I'll end now. Hope to be back soon!


KathyA said...

The mark of a happy person is one who loves doing things alone. You do so well at finding what makes you happy. Good for you!!

Leann said...

I love being outdoors. I just can't imagine not being able to do so. The move to Arizona will provide me with many more days of outside fun. I don't mind doing things alone for the most part. I can only imagine how beautiful the Naval Acadamy is there. Old, beautiful, and history/heritage. Can't wait to see the pictures of the riot of flowers!!

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